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Budget 101 Investing in Team BCPS to Fast Forward Our Success

Welcome to Budget 101!

Baltimore County Public Schools has a $2.58 billion operating budget to fund the operations of 176 schools, programs and centers and provide for the academic and social-emotional needs of more than 111,000 students. This Budget 101 webpage provides an overview of the BCPS operating budget—where our funding comes from, how it is spent, and how we ensure we are meeting the needs of every BCPS student.

What Drives The BCPS Budget?

The BCPS Operating Budget is driven by several factors that impact how and where we invest our resources.

Where Does the Money Come From?

Total FY 2024 Revenue

*totals do not equal 100 percent due to rounding
Funding the BCPS budget is a partnership, with funding from 3 main sources:


Tax revenue and other county dollars provide the most revenue for the BCPS Operating Budget about 48 percent.


Nearly 39 percent of the budget is funded through state revenue. The percentage of the budget funded through state revenue continues to grow, thanks to the passage of Blueprint for Maryland's Future legislation that will provide millions of dollars in funding to BCPS over several years. 

Federal and Other

BCPS receives nearly 14% in funding dollars from the federal government and other sources.

Where Does the Money Go?

The vast majority of the budget goes into the classroom and to the services that directly support student success. Nearly 83 percent of the BCPS budget pays for salaries, wages and benefits for the teachers, support professionals, and administrators who work with and on behalf of students every day.

*Other Charges (primarily fringe benefits)

How Resources Are Allocated to Schools


We allocate staff based on enrollment. Our staffing standards include ratios of projected students per classroom teacher. The staffing standards are applied to the projected student enrollment to come up with the initial staffing allocations. For example, an elementary school with a projected enrollment of 500 students would receive 1 principal, 1 assistant principal, and 1 reading specialist, while an elementary school with a projected enrollment of 725 would receive 1 principal, 2 assistant principals, and 2 reading specialists. 

Enrollment and the needs of schools are continually monitored and additional support is provided when available.


We also differentiate allocations based on the needs of the students the school serves. If a school has a higher population of English Language Learners, they will receive additional staff to provide English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) services. Title I schools and schools that have high percentages of children from low-income families receive additional staffing, supports and interventions to help meet the needs of those students and families. 


BCPS also allocates staff and resources based on special programs at the school. If a school has a magnet program, special education center, or some other type of program, additional staff is provided. The Office of Special Education determines special education staffing for schools so that each student receives an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment as determined by the students Individualized Education Program (IEP).  

The Budget Process

Developing the BCPS budget is a year-round process that involves many stakeholders and input from the Team BCPS community.

The Budget Cycle


Ensuring our work is aligned to the needs of our 111,000 students and 20,000+ staff as well as our strategic priorities.


Working with Team BCPS staff, community and elected officials to develop a budget for BCPS.


Allocating resources in an equitable and transparent manner.


Providing schools with the staff they need to serve their students.


Reviewing data frequently and seeking feedback on programs to ensure we are getting a return on the investment our community makes.

Collaborating to Build the Budget

BCPS is working with many stakeholders and partners to create a spending plan for Fiscal Year 2025 that reflects our values and priorities.


The Board of Education adopts its operating budget request for BCPS in February each year. This is after holding public hearings and work sessions to receive input from the community and meetings with BCPS staff to review the details of the budget.


Our employees are an important part of the budget process. Work on the budget begins in the summer and BCPS offices and school and central office leaders have an opportunity to share their priorities and tentative requests with BCPS leadership for consideration.

Families and Stakeholders

The voices of Team BCPS students, parents, and community members play a critical role in the development of the budget. Through public hearings, survey responses, community and advisory council meetings, and other engagement opportunities, members of the BCPS community get to share what is important to them and what they believe the school system should prioritize.

County Leaders

Throughout the budget process, we work closely with the Baltimore County Executive and Baltimore County Council on a budget that meets the needs of the school system. Our leaders believe in our students and have a longstanding commitment to investment in the students of BCPS. There is no doubt that our community continues to receive a strong return on the investment it makes in our students.

The Budget Timeline

Process and Participation: Make Your Voice Heard

As BCPS works on developing the superintendent’s recommended operating budget for Fiscal Year 2025 over the next few months, it is important to receive input from the Team BCPS community. BCPS is committed to ensuring all members of Team BCPS understand and have an opportunity to provide input on the annual operating budget process.

We are seeking specific feedback on what areas you believe we should prioritize in the budget. We want to hear from the community what priorities you believe BCPS should focus its resources and investments on to improve outcomes for all students.

You are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities the system provides to make your voice heard. These include:

Get involved and learn about your public school system and what it does for Baltimore County Public Schools students.

Budget Resources

Staff and Stakeholder Voices

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