Student Meal Account


School cafeterias use a computerized point-of-sale system (POS).  It all starts with the Student Meal Account that every Baltimore County Public School student is assigned.  The Student Meal Account is used by all students during the school day for meal services, even when meals are served at no cost.

How does the Student Meal Account work? pin pad icon

  • Each account has a unique lunch PIN that identifies your child. 
  • Your child enters the lunch PIN with the pinpad.
  • The pinpad is connected to an electronic point-of-sale terminal that is connected to a computer in the cafeteria manager's office.  When the purchase is entered, the system deducts the total from your child's account or alerts the cashier if your child does not have enough money in the account.
  • The Student Meal Account is not a credit system.  Money needs to be deposited into your child's account prior to using the account. 
  • Since all meals are offered at no cost to students, this money can be used to purchase 2nd meals and á la carte food items.

Enjoy the Benefits of MySchoolBucksmsb logo

  • Put money into your child's personal account.  No more lost lunch money.
  • Supervise your child’s purchases.  The system tracks each purchase on each account.
  • Emergency money can be placed into the account to cover those days when money or a bag lunch is forgotten.
  • Allows for financial planning for lunch expenses.
  • You can also make prepayments to your child’s account online using a bank account (ACH), credit, or debit card at

Prepayment Instructions for the Student Meal Account
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(Cash or Check payments)

  • A "School Lunch Prepayment Form" may be obtained from the school cafeteria.  Choose one of the links below to download a printable English or Spanish Prepayment Form in PDF format.
  • Send the prepayment form along with cash or check (made payable to the school cafeteria) to the cafeteria manager or person-in-charge at the time and location established in your child's school.  Money will be placed in your child's account on the day of deposit.
  • You can make prepayments to your child’s account online using a bank account (ACH), credit, or debit card. You can enroll in this service by visiting MySchoolBucks.comTo create an account, you will need your child’s student identification number. 
  • If you don’t know the student identification number, call the Office of Food and Nutrition Services at 443-809-7860.
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