Records Liaisons


Records liaisons and their alternates are essential team members of the school system’s Records Management Program. The records liaisons and their alternates identify vital records, complete and approve the Certificate of Records Destruction forms, and are their office or school’s ambassadors for the BCPS Records Management Program. The current records liaisons for offices and schools may be found at the following links.

BCPS Records Liaisons:

Please contact the Records Officer if you have questions about
the retention and disposition of records for your school: [email protected]

Per the Board's order of January 8, 2019, any and all non-permanent records and non-records maintained in the Board of Education office, the Office of the Superintendent (this includes the Division of Research, Accountability and Assessment, the Division of Organizational Effectiveness, and the Office of Law), the Division of Business Services, the Ethics Review Panel, and the Division of Human Resources are to be maintained indefinitely and cannot be destroyed.