Maryland Public Information Act Requests

Public Information Act Requests

What is the Public Information Act?
First enacted in 1970, Maryland’s Public Information Act (MPIA) grants the public the right to obtain access to public records that are in the custody and control of an agency. An agency must provide access to requested records unless the records fall within one of the exceptions in the statute. The MPIA covers public agencies and officials in Maryland, including the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS).

What is a public record?
A public record is an original or copy of a record that is made by or received by the school system in connection with the transaction of public business and is in any form, to include correspondence, a computerized record, a card, a photograph or photostat, films or microfilms, a recording, a tape, a map, a drawing, and printed and electronically stored versions of electronic mail messages.

Will I be charged a fee for the public records requested?
Under the MPIA, agencies may be compensated for the actual costs incurred for the search, review, preparation, and duplication of the records requested. No fee is assessed for the first two hours expended.Superintendent’s Rule 2373, Public Information Act Requests, outlines the process and fees.

How do I submit a request for public information?
Written requests may be submitted in the following manner:

  • By e-mail.

  • By mail: Send written correspondence to –

Vickie L. Wash, Esq.
Policy and Compliance Officer
Baltimore County Public Schools
6901 N. Charles St.
Towson, MD 21204

All requests for public records must include the applicant’s full name, mailing address, and telephone number. Request must also reasonably identify, by brief description, the public record sought and include a time frame for the records being requested, e.g., specific date range, fiscal year, calendar year, etc.

What If I'm a Military Recruiter?

Please submit your request in one of the ways indicated in "How do I submit a request for public information?" above.

Helpful Resources:
Superintendent’s Rule 2373, Public Information Act Requests

Office of the Attorney General, Maryland Public Information Act

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