Tech Support

Technology Support

Device Reimaging

What to Expect on Your Reimaged Device


Only For Windows-Based devices that have been reimaged during the systemwide reimaging process. Please follow the directions to install additional software on your newly imaged device. Please wait 24 hours from receipt of your newly imaged device before attempting the directions. If you have technical issues during the installation process, please enter a ticket or call the help desk at 443-809-4672.

Moving Files to OneDrive:

Prior to swapping devices for reimaging, all staff should ensure that files saved locally to the device are moved to the cloud-based OneDrive.  See the self-help directions.

Restoring Your OneDrive:

 This video will show you how to restore your OneDrive to a previous state. In the video, you will see that the setting was chosen to restore from one week ago. If you perform this after December 1, you may need to restore from an earlier point.

Restoring Your Google Drive:

 The directions will show you how to restore affected Google Drive files to a previous state.

Resolving Camera/Microphone Issues in Google Meet

Use these directions to reset Google Chrome to its defaults to resolve many camera and microphone issues while using Google Meet.

Technology Support Request Form:

The Technology Support Request form is available to BCPS students and staff with BCPS credentials. Parents should work with their child to enter a Technology Support Request form.

Help Desk phone number and hours:


Monday - Friday 7:00am - 4:15pm