ARRA Reporting in Baltimore County Public Schools

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

In accordance with the reporting requirements for MSDE’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and Race to the Top (RTTT) programs, the following summary data for teacher and principal evaluations for the 2009-2010 school year is provided

Purpose   ARRA's purpose is to stimulate the US economy in the short term and invest in education and other essential public services to ensure the long-term economic health of the nation. ARRA funds are intended to strengthen education, drive reforms and improve results for students from early learning through college. These funds are to be used to improve student achievement and help close the achievement gap.

The Baltimore County Public Schools are committed to ensuring a highly effective educational program for all students.  To that end, all teachers and principals are held to high standards and are expected to meet the goals as outlined in the Blueprint for Progress.  Therefore, teachers and principals are provided with regular feedback on the quality of their performance as it relates to the achievement of and relationships with students.

Effective daily instruction is essential and serves as the conduit to student learning.  Therefore, BCPS ensures the implementation of meaningful instruction by monitoring teacher performance often.  Principals engage in both formal and informal observations and offer guidance to teachers on the effectiveness of their instructional programs.  Due to ongoing and regular supervision of instructional practices, as well as the frequent analysis of student achievement data, teachers are able to make necessary adjustments to refine and enhance instructional practices.

BCPS believes that principals are the primary instructional leaders in every school.  Therefore, it is imperative for all principals to be knowledgeable about the written, the taught, and the assessed curriculum.  To that end, principals are evaluated by the assistant superintendents based upon proof of instructional leadership, which include but are not limited to: evidence of formal and informal observations; verification of meaningful feedback to teachers; substantiation of a school improvement plan that is aligned with the Blueprint for Progress; data that illustrates growth in student achievement; and indications of a collaborative school culture in a well-managed facility.

Teacher Evaluation Description
Baltimore County Public Schools believes that  teacher evaluation is an ongoing positive and cooperative process that encourages continuing growth and effectiveness in attaining desired educational goals. Appraisals emphasize the desirability of optimal instruction for students, the need for continuous professional growth and performance in accordance with established standards.     It includes year-round pre-planned activities involving the teacher and the appraisal team.  Evaluative judgments are based on classroom observations, activities observed outside the classroom by the appraisal team, information provided by the teacher and input from students, parents and others with whom the teacher works.  Evaluation results are used to identify individual and collective professional development needs, award salary increments, determine contract renewal and initiate removal procedures for sub-standard performance.

Principal Evaluation Description
Baltimore County Public Schools’ principal evaluation process is both a formative and summative one.  It includes the development of an Individual Professional Development Plan that is reflective of the collaborative effort of both the principal and the evaluator. Principal evaluation is an ongoing process to improve the success of the school and the professional growth of the administrator.  It promotes and assesses performance in the areas of instructional leadership, administrative leadership, student growth and the administrator’s ability to provide a positive school learning climate. Evaluation results are used to identify individual and collective professional development needs, award salary increments, determine contract renewal and initiate removal procedures for sub-standard performance.

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