Celebrating Our 2017 Graduating Seniors

We will be posting a new graduating senior profile each day leading up to May 26, the last day for seniors.
Graduating Senior: Shawn Koehler

Shawn Koehler

Maiden Choice School (Answers provided by Shawn’s mother, Susie Koehler)

What does Shawn like most about Maiden Choice School?

He started at the school at age 5 and has attended for 16 years. He likes the staff most. They are very caring and really seem to enjoy what they do. They go on trips about once a week and really involve both students and parents.

How has Shawn grown with support from Maiden Choice School?

He is a little more independent know. He can let us know what he wants, and he is better able to go and get what he wants.

What are some of Shawn’s interests?

He loves physical education, and especially likes to play basketball. He also really enjoys riding a school bus.

Is there a teacher or administrator who Shawn is particularly close to?

All of the teachers at Maiden Choice are great, but his teacher Leslie Richards really stands out. He has had her for at least five years. She has become a friend really. When I mention her name, he smiles. She has been the best.

Where will Shawn be going after Maiden Choice School?

He has been accepted into the Athelas Institute in Columbia, a day program.

“Shawn has been a student at Maiden Choice School for his entire BCPS career. I have had the opportunity to work with Shawn for several years, where his work ethic, strength of character and perseverance have made him into the hard-working young adult he is today. Shawn is active in our school’s vocational program and has participated at our school’s Vocational Center for the last four years. Shawn has an innate sense of being able to comfort and support his friends and those around him. His sense of humor and his laugh are infectious; his smile brightens our school day. Shawn’s hobbies include listening to music, basketball, swimming, and spending time with his family.  Next year, he will attend Athelas Institute’s Vocational Studies Program.  He will missed by all of the Maiden Choice School community.”

                Leslie J. Richards, teacher

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