Celebrating Our 2017 Graduating Seniors

We will be posting a new graduating senior profile each day leading up to May 26, the last day for seniors.
Graduating Senior: Erick Diaz

Erick Diaz

Catonsville High School

Tell us about a teacher, assignment, field trip, or extracurricular activity that had a significant impact on you during your years as a BCPS student?

Mr. Young, my 10th grade world history teacher, was the sponsor for the community service club that I was president for in my senior year. He had overwhelming enthusiasm and commitment in helping the community, and he inspired and guided me to do the same. He was a great role model not only for me, but for the school and community.

During your years as a BCPS student, what did you accomplish that you are most proud of? 

What I am most proud of was giving back to the school and community. I believe that education is very important so organizing and participating in community service projects like campus clean ups, food drives, and making lunches for the local homeless shelter was a way to give back to the community that supported my education.

What’s next for you? What are your college or employment plans immediately after graduation?

After graduation, I am planning on attending college and majoring in environmental engineering. I have always had a lot of interest in environmental engineering. It is a way for me to actively have an impact on the future of the planet.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I see myself as a water management engineer. I'm concerned with waste water disposal and proper water management so I see myself working in projects that address those current issues. In the future I hope to improve the quality of our lakes, rivers, and streams.

“Erick Diaz is a bright, reliable, and diligent young leader at Catonsville High School.  Aside from his outstanding academic resume at Catonsville High School, he currently has a perfect 4.0 unweighted grade point average, Erick is heavily involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities.  He is a member of four Honor Societies and is the President of two clubs, both with large memberships.  Erick was nominated to be one of our Comet Senior leaders, a group charged with facilitating our character education program and our Model United Nations.  Erick is a positive, hardworking young man and his peers tend to gravitate to him.   In a large school, with a diverse population, Erick has done a remarkable job thriving academically and he is someone for our younger scholars to aspire to be.”

Todd Pinson, School Counselor

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