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"Glick's Picks" will run each week this summer with reading recommendations for Baltimore County Public Schools students and families. Fran Glick is currently the coordinator of library media for BCPS. In the past, she has served as an elementary and high school library media specialist. She loves to share literature with students, and, as an adjunct professor at Towson University, she teaches courses in children's and young adult literature. She delights in suggesting books for students and introducing adults to the power of books written for children and teens. 

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Kindergarten – Grade 3

We’re All Wonders – R.J. Palacio

Auggie was born with a facial deformity. That means he does not look like others and is often judged as a result. But there are things that help Auggie face his challenges: his parents, dog, and imagination. His mother tells him he's a wonder; in fact, "we're all wonders," she says. Auggie’s story is filled with important messages about love and acceptance and how inside we are all the same. His “choose kind” motto will remind you that we can all choose kind. 

We're All Wonders

Grades 4 & 5

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls – Elena Francesca Cavallo Favilli

These real life fairytales profile the lives and accomplishments of 100 women. You will certainly recognize many of the names, but there are also many who will be new to you. As you read about these accomplished women and their struggles and triumphs, you will be glad to know them. The beautiful illustrations add a special touch to the profiles. This book reminds us all to think big, follow your dreams, never give up, and never listen to anyone who says you can't achieve something because you're female.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Grades 6 – 8

Doll Bones – Holly Black

Zach, Poppy, and Alice have been friends forever and have spent their childhood imagining a world of fantasy and adventure starring their action figures – all of whom are overseen by the “Queen.” Then Zach’s father decides Zach is too old to be playing make-believe, and he throws away Zach’s old toys. As Zach’s friends work to get him back to the game, they decide on one last adventure where nothing goes as planned and a journey ensues.  This story is a tale of friendship and growing up with a lot of mystery and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Doll Bones

Grades 9 – 12

Piecing Me Together – Renee Watson

This incredible story and its main character, Jade, will stay with you long after you turn the last page. Jade attends a private school in Portland and is only there due to a scholarship she received.  Her life in school is very different from the lives of her fellow students. As an artist and as a young woman of color she navigates issues of class and race in her daily experiences in school and in her neighborhood. You are certain to fall in love with Jade as you share her journey!


Piecing Me Together

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