Verletta White
A dynamic, innovative, and proven leader, Baltimore County Public Schools Interim Superintendent Ms. Verletta White leads the 25th largest school system in the nation, with a growing student enrollment of more than 113,000 diverse students, and more than 18,500 employees including 9,000 teachers. 

Ms. White’s authentic collaboration and communication skills have been pivotal in the transformation of teaching and learning in Baltimore County toward 21st century, learner-centered environments that leverage technology to personalize learning, increase achievement, and close gaps.


Developing lifelong learners through literacy

Verletta WhiteJuly 2017

Dear Team BCPS,

Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to this community. I am personally and professionally invested in Baltimore County, and I could not be more excited to serve as interim superintendent. I deeply appreciate your support and well wishes. I also want to thank Dr. S. Dallas Dance for his guidance and his transformational leadership.

I would like you to know about two priorities I have for the school year that will improve school climate and help our students achieve even more: literacy and student behavior.

We’re not changing course or introducing new initiatives. Our schools are doing well, and S.T.A.T digital learning and the Passport Program for elementary world language instruction are just part of how we do business. Technology is enabling educators to personalize learning to meet individual student needs.

And digital learning will continue to support our students. Literacy means so much more these days than just reading and writing. To be prepared for college and careers, students in every grade level and course need daily opportunities to read and write nonfiction, and to use and produce information using technology or paper and pencil.

On the behavior side, the best way to support students is through prevention, or effective instruction with wraparound supports from our social workers, counselors, and support staff. Schools also need the time and space to create staff buy-in and hold students accountable for a positive learning environment through restoration.

We need to spend the majority of our effort on prevention and restoration. When appropriate, our schools need to provide logical consequences that are applied fairly regardless of race and gender.

Focusing on literacy and behavior will move us forward. And we’ll be making plenty of progress this summer as schools and offices prepare for the next school year through professional development, curriculum writing, and planning. Students will be hard at work during Extended Year Learning (summer school) from July 5 through 28.

Learning never ends at BCPS, so don’t forget to check out Glick’s Picks for Summer Reading each week from our very own Fran Glick, coordinator of library media.

Happy reading!


Verletta White
Verletta White

Interim Superintendent

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