develop a research proposal

Develop a Research Proposal


Planning the Methodology - Resources and Materials

Now it is time to think about the resources and materials that you will need for your research.  List the equipment and resources that are already available that you expect to use in your study.  Itemize what other equipment and resources you will need to complete the investigation.  You must identify the resources you will need to complete the project with a clear understanding of each stage of your project. Be sure to consider people, materials, and equipment/tools in your explanation. While exhaustive details are not required for a general proposal, an assessment of the potential resource requirements is essential for good research planning. A proposal that neglects resource use or underestimates the resources required suggests a poorly thought-out project.

The materials and equipment that you need for your research investigation will vary based on your methodologyThe following questions should help guide you in determining what you should include in this section of your proposal.

  • *What apparatus are you going to use?
  • *What materials are you going to use?
  • *Are you going to administer any tests? If so, which ones?
  • *Are there any special supplies you require?
  • *Do you need an apparatus or device to observe or record behavior?
  • *Will you need access to any special supervision, staff, or advisors?
  • *Do you need any special training, knowledge, or certifications?
  • Will you need any special literature or guides? 
  • What access to facilities will you need that are outside of your school?  Inside of your school?

Use this Planning for Resources worksheet to list the resources and materials that you may need (Note: you may need to add lines into the Excel Worksheet.) .  (Don't be concerned with unit cost or total at this time.  That is the next step!)

Excel tutorial

The following website lists the many resources that some universities offer to students who are completing research investigations.  The files may provide ideas for the types of resources and materials that you may need in your own investigation.

You will embed your Planning for Resources Excel file into your proposal draft after you finish the budget for your investigation in the next step of this process. 

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