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Develop a Research Proposal


Writing the Proposal - Ethics

Ethical issues 

Things to consider regarding ethical issues with participants:

  • consent forms (which state overall purpose and any risks or benefits of participating).
  • potential risks that could be involved in any questioning (emotional distress, dignity).
  • confidentiality of participants (anonymity).
  • feedback of results to participants.
  • indebted reciprocity should be reasonable (you are indebted to them to participate, provide feedback, coffee, being a good listener, etc.)

Ethical considerations for data collection and analysis:

  • collecting data without appropriate controls
  • omitting controls that others have pointed out
  • using inappropriate sample sizes
  • selecting what to observe
  • failing to see events or non-events
  • failing to preserve data for sufficient amount of time
  • editing or making up data
  • reporting only positive or significant results 
  • using other people's words or data
  • changing the hypothesis of the paper
  • failing to report negative findings    

Here are some excellent resources to help you make your decisions about ethics in your research design as you complete your planning guide for your proposal.

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