develop a  research proposal

Develop a Research Proposal


Writing the Proposal - Data Collection Diaries


A diary is a way of gathering information about the way individuals spend their time on professional activities. They are not about records of engagements or personal journals of thought! Diaries can record either quantitative or qualitative data, and in management research can provide information about work patterns and activities.


  • Useful for collecting information from employees.
  • Different writers compared and contrasted simultaneously.
  • Allows the researcher freedom to move from one organization to another.
  • Researcher not personally involved.
  • Diaries can be used as a preliminary or basis for intensive interviewing.
  • Used as an alternative to direct observation or where resources are limited.


  • Subjects need to be clear about what they are being asked to do, why and what you plan to do with the data.
  • Diarists need to be of a certain educational level.
  • Some structure is necessary to give the diarist focus, for example, a list of headings.
  • Encouragement and reassurance are needed as completing a diary is time-consuming and can be irritating after a while.
  • Progress needs checking from time-to-time.
  • Confidentiality is required as content may be critical.
  • Analyses problems, so you need to consider how responses will be coded before the subjects start filling in diaries. 

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