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The principal of your school has noticed that many first graders are coming to school not dressed for the weather.  She has asked your class to write a seasonal weather report to help inform them on what to wear under certain weather conditions.

Essential Question: How are you affected by the weather conditions found within the different seasons?








You and your group are to research seasonal weather patterns in your local area to identify the  , weather conditions, temperature and wind speed and present them in a PowerPoint presentation.

To learn more about the seasons click on the pictures below.






Your group is to create a presentation to inform the first grade classes of how to dress based on weather conditions. You may make your presentation as a Power Point slide show. Each group member will be responsible for creating two slides.

Your group's PowerPoint should include at least:

One title slide with group's names
Four slides that show a picture imported from KidPix that includes possible activities and clothing that are appropriate for each season.
Four slides that show the weather conditions, temperature and advice to first graders for each season.

*Your teacher may decide to assign an alternate presentation from the following list:

Oral Presentation
Journal Entry
Create an Anemometer to record wind speed
Complete the Understanding Temperatures Worksheet
Record Data in Temperature Graph
Record data in Weather Watch Chart

Research your season then...
Complete Season Research Sheet
Use Inspiration to complete Season Web
Create PowerPoint presentation (view

      Title Slide     Fall Slide     Spring Slide          

               Summer Slide     Winter Slide





Use this checklist for your PowerPoint presentation.

The following scoring tools will be used to assess both the process of gathering information and your finished product:

    Note taking Rubric          PowerPoint Rubric





Essential Question: How are you affected by the weather conditions found within the different seasons?

What do the terms temperature, weather conditions and wind speed mean?
What are the average temperatures, conditions and wind speeds found in each season?
How do you dress in each season and what activities can you do?







Use Library Pro to locate books in the Library.
Use the planning sheets to record your information.

       Season Research Sheet     Season Web

Use these guide sheets for helpful tips during your research:

Using a Web Browser
Using a Book Index




Synthesize: Use the information you have gathered on your research sheet and web to create your PowerPoint slides.

Evaluate: Review the checklist for your slideshow to make sure you have included all the information required. If you have not answered all the questions, go back and use the resources to find the missing information.









Share your PowerPoint presentation with the first grade students.

After everyone has shared their PowerPoint slides, write a letter to your principal explaining your project and its positive benefits on the first grade students.

Use this Letter Guide to help you write you letter.

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