Halstead, Pleasant Plains students explore water purification, storm drain stenciling


Do you know how water purification works? Students at Halstead Academy and Pleasant Plains elementary schools sure do!

The schools’ Grade 4 students traveled to the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant earlier this month to learn how water is purified, aerated, and returned to Back River. As part of the lesson, the students toured the 400-acre Wastewater Treatment Plant, where they received a behind-the-scenes look at the water purification process. The Department of Natural Resources funded the trip, allowing the students to gain firsthand experience with water purification and understand their important roles as environmental activists.

The visit to Back River isn’t the only way that Halstead and Pleasant Plains students are advocating for the environment, though. In the spring, they will collaborate again on a storm drain stenciling project. Using the Mappler data collection app, the students will identify where storm drains have been stenciled in their area. They then will use this information to educate their communities about the impact of drain collections on the Chesapeake Bay. By sharing this influence with their neighbors, the students will help build awareness of ways to protect the Bay.

As Maryland Green Schools, Halstead and Pleasant Plains have participated in countless activities over the years to boost their students’ knowledge about the environment. Now, with this school year’s projects, they’ll be sharing that knowledge with the community!

Story by Susie Peeling, resource teacher, Halstead Academy and Pleasant Plains Elementary School. Story edited by Blake Lubinski, Department of Communications and Community Outreach.
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