Arbutus Elementary students “jump for joy” at delivery of their devices


As the S.T.A.T. (Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow) initiative continues to expand in Baltimore County schools, students and teachers continue to discover how personal digital devices (i.e., a combination laptop and tablet) can enhance personalized learning for students and connect them to virtually limitless learning resources. Here is just one S.T.A.T. story…

On the morning of November 12, nine device carts were neatly wrapped and waiting to be presented to the students in Grades 1, 2, and 3 at Arbutus Elementary School. 

Ace the Bulldog, the Arbutus Elementary mascot, delivered the presents to each classroom. 


Predictions as to what was wrapped were shared, such as "pizza" or "our teacher" (returning from leave)! 

In each classroom, students gathered around the "present" and Ace for a picture, unwrapped the gift as a class, and collaboratively investigated how to get in to the cart.  As each teacher unlocked the cart, students held their breath in anticipation.  Once the doors to the cart were opened, the students cheered, jumped for joy, hugged, and high-fived each other as they realized they would each have their OWN device.

After students logged on to their personal devices for the first time, Michelle Sonnenreich, a paraeducator, said there was a "quiet calm" among the students as they began exploring. 

Chelsea Grace, a Grade 3 student, told her mother that she cannot wait to come to school on Monday to use the device.  "School will be more fun, and the kids will be more excited about coming to school each day." 

The timing was perfect to be able to showcase this technological tool during American Education Week!

Story and photos from Sharon K. Shumway, Reading Specialist and Good News Ambassador, Arbutus Elementary School
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