Middle school tennis players ace tournaments


The Out of School Time Tennis Program, offered by Baltimore County Public Schools and Baltimore Tennis Patrons, concluded with tournaments on May 9 and May 16.

In the East Division, which held its tournament on May 9, results were as follows:

Beginner Champions  
Gold - Cockeysville Middle School
Silver - Ridgely Middle School
Bronze - Parkville Middle School

Advanced Beginner Champions
Gold - Hereford Middle School
Silver - Ridgely Middle School
Bronze - Perry Hall Middle School

In the West Division, which held its tournament on May 16, results were as follows:

Beginner Champions
Gold - Stemmers Run Middle School
Silver - Deer Park Middle School
Bronze - Southwest Academy

Advanced Beginner Champions
Gold - Pikesville Middle School
Silver - Arbutus Middle School
Bronze - Franklin Middle School

The Out of School Time Tennis Program began in 2006 with four BCPS schools involved. This school year, 24 middle schools participated.

“The mission we share with Baltimore County Public Schools is the commitment to bring additional athletic and fitness opportunities to middle school students,” says Baltimore Tennis Patrons President J. Clinton Kelly.  “The objective of the program is for the students to have fun, learn or improve skills in a new sport, and improve their health and fitness through tennis’ combination of aerobic and interval exercise. Baltimore Tennis Patrons also provides pathways for those students who want to pursue tennis further to participate in more advanced instructional and play programs.”

According to Kelly, “With the continuing leadership of Michael Sye, BCPS coordinator of the Office of Athletics, we hope to see the program operate in all BCPS middle schools in the next year or two.”

The BCPS middle schools that took part in the program this year are: Arbutus, Catonsville, Cockeysville, Deep Creek, Deer Park, Dundalk, Franklin, General John Stricker, Golden Ring, Hereford, Lansdowne, Loch Raven Academy, Middle River, Old Court, Parkville, Perry Hall, Pikesville, Pine Grove, Ridgely, Southwest Academy, Stemmers Run, Sudbrook, Windsor Mill and Woodlawn.

Following is a list of the championship teams and team coaches and members.
Photos can be found at

East Beginner Tennis Tournament Medalists and Line-ups
May 9





Cockeysville MS - GOLD
Coach Dina Staley
Co1 Harsha Devaraconda and Vince Young
Co2 Andrew Mulligan and Carter Vail
Co3 Caroline Currey and Brennan Kelly
Co4 Tommy Podles and Varun Khushalani
Co5 Julia Whatley and Courtney Kelly
Co6 Allyson Sears and Alex Kramer
Co7 Faizah Saadmim and Sammi Ditto

Ridgely MS - SILVER
Coach Lorenzo Sanz
R1 Clarissa Felix and Rebecca Fox
R2 Ethan Lieu and Beulah Lee
R3 Maria Wellmann and Grace Cong
R4 Todd Williams and Ami Makada

Parkville MS - BRONZE
Coach Krista Klausmeier

P1 Alfonso Martinez and Tara Guibault
P2 Sophia Rienzi and Gillian Wright
P3 Chelece Clark and Zainab Bibi
P4 Devan Scotto-Goon and Kyle Egbert
P5 Madison Perry and Katelyn Poling
P6 Samantha Dieter and Christina Culbreath
P7 Madison Perry and Sam Dieter
P8 Fahimn Farhad and Stanley Feld

East  Advanced Beginner Tennis Tournament Medalists and Line-ups
May 9

Hereford MS - GOLD
Coach Ann Marie Chouinard
H1 Ricky Huang and Zoe Hsieh
H2 Michael Weinstein and Max Bohlmann
H3 Kevin Ross and Thomas Pallan
H4 Emma Wallner and Rachel Rowe
H5 Ashley Thompson and Jake Hilferty
H6 Elizabeth Thompson and Sarah Beck
H7 Jonathan Marker and Eleanor Beck

Ridgely MS - SILVER
Coach Lorenzo Sanz
R1 JJ Bonta and Philip Guasa
R2 Tony Yao and June Kim
R3 Arveen Zarrabi and Max Fisher
R4 Kai Smith and Jeremiah Lee

Perry Hall MS - BRONZE
Coach Mike Bishoff
PH1 Jack Angione and Norman Moon
PH2 Sam Deacon and Jack Dickinson
PH3 Amir Moon and Derek Vidal
PH4 Rhys Wexler and Zach Sutherland
PH5 James Frank and Cassidy Finnerty
PH6 Josh Masden and Arason Anbazhagan
PH7 Chris Tang and Francesca Pagano
PH8 Alexandra Day and Lorie Macdonald

West Beginner Tennis Tournament Medalists and Line-ups
May 16

Stemmers Run MS - GOLD
Coach Rich Stichel
SR1 Lex Carr and Ryan Bates
SR2 Brady Bryant and Bradley Bryant
SR2 Ray Smythe and Hunter Cannon
SR3 Hunter Cannon and Ray Smythe
SR4 Holly Mullins and Emma Mullaney
SR5 Cole Hiner and Josh Lynch
SR6 Sarah Borunda and Bryana Augustine

Deer Park MS - SILVER
Coach Trevor Collins
DP1 Paul Adelae and Chidu Opara
DP2 Seun Okubanjo and Dami Otusajo
DP3 Kobe White and Timothy Tillman
DP4 Alyssa Cobb and Kelly Williams
DP5 Nick Jones and Morgan Bradley

Southwest Academy - BRONZE 
Coach Elizabeth Kreutzer
Coach Ann Wiegmann
So1 Madiop Diop and Daniel Awogbesan
So2 Ali Bhatti and Yahya Aliyu
So3 Diam Willaim and Abdullah Bajwah
So4 Ahmad Coteh and Anh Thu Le
So5 Daniel Canalas and Nahim Kamruzzaman
So6 Jermain Segree and Blessing Sampson
Alternate  -  Harmapreet Singh

West Advanced Beginner Tennis Tournament Medalists and Line-ups
May 16

Pikesville MS - GOLD
Coach Ryan Cleary
P1 Sam Brown and Sam Suchin
P2 Hallie Zlotnick and Lila Zemil
P3 Gina Melnick and Olivia Leone
P4 Tyriq Schnella and Mark Kuperman
Alternates - Mansur Al-Uqdah and Sarah Hoch

Arbutus MS - SILVER
Coach Lois R. Brooks
A1 Shelby Meek and Van Hmung

Franklin MS - BRONZE
Coach Elizabeth Zinkand
F1 Dylan Dennis and David Truong
F2 Maria Saychik and Sofia Framm
F3 Alex Lyakhovets and Ethan Silverstein
F4 Brianna Shkolnik and Jacob Epstein
F5 Dimeji Akim-Shittu and Molly Btyan
F6 Rita Rozental and Sarah Rozental
F7 Karter Ronne and Kate Lorber
F8 Fatima Noyota and Kaylee Sacabon  

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