Halstead Academy and Loch Raven Technical Academy team up for a science lesson


Third graders from Halstead Academy traveled with the grade 8 Aquatic Science students from Loch Raven Technical Academy to the National Aquarium for a squid dissection investigation. The students examined the morphology of a squid during a student-driven, hands-on dissection. Students worked together to identify the parts of a squid and they explored the many adaptations that help this invertebrate be the predator and not the prey in its habitat. Throughout the dissection the students utilized technology and multimedia resources to learn about squid and the dissection process.

Students explored the key concepts of adaptation, predator/prey relationships, physiology and anatomy throughout the learning lab. Halstead Academy and Loch Raven Technical Academy look forward to the continued growth of their partnership, which enables students to explore real-world science together and allows Halstead students to experience a taste of the magnet programs offered at Loch Raven Technical Academy.

Spotlight submitted by: Susie Peeling - Magnet Coordinator at Halstead Academy
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