Kenwood High School's Virtues Program Extends Beyond School Walls


Kenwood High School's Character Education program is grounded in the work of the Virtues Project.  Each month, the school acknowledges one virtue and tries to offer to staff and students community service opportunities that embody the virtue of the month.  The faculty, students and parents at Kenwood High School have clearly demonstrated December's virtue of compassion through an extensive Adopt-a-Family program. 

This community service activity has been in place for 5 years and provides local families, many with students at Kenwood, with Christmas gifts for their children.  Members of academic departments, magnet programs, student clubs and honor societies, along with their families and KHS alumni, donned their elf hats to shop for items on the children's wish lists.   The groups then came together on December 17 to wrap the gifts they had purchased. 

This year, the program assisted 34 families with more than100 children.  Since the Adopt-a-Family program began at Kenwood, more than 500 children have received gifts as a result of this service project.

Submitted by Joyce Gray of Kenwood High School
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