SAIL-ing into books


At land-locked Martin Boulevard Elementary School recently, several Grade 4 students were issued sailor's caps, heard a sing-song invitation to set a course for learning, and advised to set "SAIL" into a good book.

Oh, and they got at least some of the announcement from a giant orange cat named Sneaks.

Of course, most Baltimore County school children know Sneaks as the mascot of the Baltimore County Public Library system, which, kicked off a renewal of its partnership with BCPS recently at Martin Boulevard. Along with the appearance by Sneaks, Superintendent Dallas Dance, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, and BCPL Director Jim Fish unveiled several new features of the new partnership they dubbed SAIL for "Students Achieve In Libraries."

Reading from a Dr. Seuss-like message given to them by Sneaks on a long scroll, the trio read, "Libraries and schools are very alike. Both help us learn, think, dream big, and grow. Offering caring adults as able guides, we all want you to be in the know."


Students got their first look at a new SAIL library card bearing the logos of both BCPS and BCPL; the plan, said Fran Glick of the BCPS Office of Library Information Services, is to get a new SAIL card into the hands of every Baltimore County student. A companion "Teacher Loan Card" will provide easier access to educators who wish to use the library's resources for their classrooms.

In addition, the BCPS digital network and wireless access will be available in each of the county's library branches. The partnership enhancements will be introduced over the next several months.

Story and photos by BCPS Communications Specialist Charles Herndon
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