Building an Environmental Connection


Halstead Academy and Loch Raven Technical Academy have partnered to create an environmental connection between schools. The goal of this dynamic partnership is to expose Halstead students to the Conservation Science Magnet program and to generate renewed interest in the program.

On October 22, 2013, Halstead Academy Magnet Advisory Board member and science resource teacher, Joe Davis, along with Matt Budinger and Amy Hughes from the Office of Science, facilitated investigations at Days Cove for students from these two magnet schools. To start the day, the middle and elementary school students worked together, applying 21st Century learning skills in order to complete a series of problem solving and team-building tasks. The tasks required students to collaboratively develop strategies and creative solutions to the challenges. Students discussed ways that they adapted to each problem-solving scenario and practiced effective communication skills.

Students enjoyed a waterfront lunch, and then participated in a series of environmental science learning stations. Investigations included a survey of aquatic organisms from Days Cove, a wetland hike, and a survey of life that depends on rotting logs as its habitat. Activities were designed to align with both the grade 3 Eco-Detectives unit and topics from the grade 8 gifted and talented environmental science curriculum. Themes embedded into learning throughout the day included-unique traits and adaptations that enable organisms to survive and strategies used by living things for obtaining energy.

It was a great day of learning and team building for all the elementary and middle school young scientists as they explored the environment together, formed new relationships, and took a big step forward in forging a new and unique partnership.

Story and photos submitted by Susie Peeling, magnet coordinator, Halstead Academy
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