Harford Hills kindergarten students experience hands-on learning about bears


Kindergarten students at Harford Hills Elementary School recently investigated the bear kit, one of the educational trunks available for checkout from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.   

The purpose of these "hands-on" science kits is to allow children to explore wildlife while in their own classrooms. Students enjoyed exploring the bear pelt by feeling the fur, measuring the fur with math manipulatives, and holding up the bear pelt to compare it to their body. They were able to put their hands inside a bear paw to compare the size of the paw to their own.    

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has nature kits available for free teacher checkout to provide "unique hands-on, interdisciplinary teaching tools. These educational trunks are designed to educate students while building on fundamental disciplines like math, social studies, science and physical education."

Kindergarten teachers Bonnie Marschall, Becky Ponder, Lisa Turner and Jody Miller used the PowerPoint "Black Bears in Maryland" to team-teach a kindergarten lesson that extended lessons from the curriculum book "Bear Facts."

Story by Becky Ponder, Kindergarten Teacher, Good News Ambassador, Harford Hills Elementary School. Photos by Harford Hills kindergarten teachers Lisa Turner, Becky Ponder, Jody Miller and Bonnie Marschall.
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