Baltimore Love Project artist paints mural for Perry Hall High School


Through collaboration and leadership, artist Michael Owen of the Baltimore Love Project painted a customized mural in the cafeteria at Perry Hall High School to honor student Daniel Borowy, a victim of the incident that occurred on Monday, August 27, 2012.

Owen's trademark image of the word "Love" is spelled out by hands forming each letter of the word. Inside the letters are the handprints of the students and staff present during the occurrence on the first day of school. Borowy, who has recently returned to school after a two-month long recovery process, will add the final handprint to the mural. His handprint will be placed in the center of the letter "O."

Channeling the message of the mural, t-shirts featuring a downsized version of the "Love" image were provided to students in an effort to support Borowy and his family.

In hopes of fostering a positive message of compassion, tolerance, diversity, and understanding, the mural will forever remain on the wall of the school cafeteria. This mural will replace the images, sounds, and pain felt by all on that day.


Story written by Erin Tyszko, an intern at BCPS TV and a senior at Perry Hall High School. Story and photos submitted by Todd Porter, Producer, BCPS TV. Story edited by Blake Lubinski, an intern in the BCPS Office of Communications and a senior at Towson High School.
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