Pleasant Plains Elementary and Catonsville and Dulaney high schools sell seashells for NJ shores

Shell pendants made by Catonsville High Students

Across the county, students are creating and selling shell artwork to raise money to help families and communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Here's what's happening in three schools:

Pleasant Plains Elementary School
In November and December, students in Grades 1 and 3 at Pleasant Plains Elementary designed shell artwork to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Under the direction of art teacher Ann Valuntis, the students created beautiful magnets, pins and ornaments. The students then showcased and sold their works of art during the school's annual winter concert on December 12.  The students' sales totaled $100.  All of the proceeds from the sales are being donated to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. This local effort was part of a national project called "Shells for NJ Shores," which was designed for teachers, students and artists to help raise money for the recovery and rebuilding in New Jersey.

Dulaney High students making shell artwork
Dulaney High students making shell artwork
Dulaney High students making shell artwork
A display at Pleasant Plains Elementary
Student Natalie Sann, teacher Ann Valuntis, parent
John Anderson, and student Lark Anderson

Please visit for more information on the project.

Catonsville High School
Catonsville High's National Art Honor Society members, under the direction of art teacher Windy Spiridigliozzi, began making shell-impressed clay pendants after learning about the "Shells for NJ Shores" Hurricane Sandy Relief fund. They have made 200 so far and are selling them in the school's front office. A $5 donation is suggested for each, and all of the proceeds will be donated toward the post-Hurricane Sandy rebuilding efforts.  Students are able to use their artistic skills to benefit others who were devastated in the storm.

Dulaney High School
Art students at Dulaney High School have been busy designing, creating, painting, and selling ornaments with a shore theme, which are being sold – through Thursday, December 20 – to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Students were very creative in making the shore-themed ornaments in the shapes of shells, anchors, fish, sunsets, palm trees, and boats. Ornaments sell for $2 each.  Proceeds from sales will be donated to the Salvation Army in New Jersey.
This project is just one example of Dulaney's motto, "We Are One," a vision that cultivates a school community in which everyone feels valued. 

Stories and photos submitted by Tracy B. Barr, Title I Parent Service Coordinator and Good News Ambassador, Pleasant Plains Elementary; Ann Leyh, Administrative Secretary, Dulaney High School; and Linda G. Popp, BCPS Visual Arts Coordinator
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