BCPS Junior Astronomers recognizes Grange, Hillcrest, and Middleborough students


Nights spent stargazing and drawing have paid dividends to students from Grange, Hillcrest, and Middleborough elementary schools, who recently received BCPS Junior Astronomers Moon Observation, Constellation, and Deep Space awards.

Grange Grade 4 students Stevie Fulton, Allison Gobble, Ethan Hamrick, Blake Johnson, Joscelyn Larkins, Christianna Leight, J.J. Liddle, Delilah Lisenby, Kris Lurz, Julie Mace, Ellie Parks, Haven Smith, Ja'mere Toy, and Justus Van Pelt won in the Moon Observation category. Lutz also scored in the Constellation and Deep Space categories.

Hillcrest Grade 4 student Ian Schwing achieved in the Moon Observation, Constellation, and Deep Space categories.
Middleborough Grade 4 students Jaelyn Brodie, Brice Coleman, T.J. Leon, Rebecca Lynn McGreevy, Jacob Monn, Erin Quick, Jacob Rallo, and Rylee Wissinger and Grade 5 students Gabrielle Berry, Sierra Berry, and Greg Largent trumped in the Moon Observation category. Grade 4 students Stephen Peterson and Alexander Smith, as well as Monn, succeeded in the Constellation category. Grade 4 student Macy Dill, as well as Brodie, Leon, and Monn, prevailed in the Deep Space category.

Award recipients submitted their sketches between the months of September and November. Students may continue to submit their observations to Starlab through the remainder of the 2012-2013 school year.

At the start of the 2011-2012 school year, Starlab resource teachers Tim Kent and Susie Riffe founded the BCPS Junior Astronomers program to encourage astronomy study beyond the classroom. Targeting Grade 4 and 5 students, Junior Astronomers requests that students record their stargazing findings and complete freehand sketches. Students may then submit their drawings to Junior Astronomers for exhibition on the program's Web site. Junior Astronomers rewards students for their efforts with Moon Observation, Constellation, and Deep Space Awards, as well as badges, certificates, and posters.

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Story submitted by Timothy Kent and Susan Riffe, Science Resource Teachers/Starlab, Office of Science PreK-12. Story edited by Blake Lubinski, an intern in the BCPS Office of Communications and a senior at Towson High School.
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