Hereford High students perform “These Shining Lives”


Painting watch faces with radium made them glow in the dark and provided employment for women in the 1920s. Unfortunately, the radioactive paint used also caused the workers’ hands to glow in the dark along with assorted other medical problems and led the workers to file a class-action lawsuit.
This true story about the Radium Dial Company in Chicago came to life at Hereford High School November 15–17, 2012, as students performed “These Shining Lives,” a play written by Melanie Marnich. (The play had its world premiere at Baltimore’s own Center Stage in 2008.)

At Hereford High, the play was performed on Thursday and Saturday evenings by the senior cast and on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon by the junior cast.

Catherine - Maggie Cave
Frances - Kaitlyn Fowler
Pearl - Molly Willie
Charlotte - Jennifer de Groot
Tom - Kayvon Kaliush
Mr. Reed - Teddy Mullin
Dr. Dalitsch - Abby Kousoris
Ensemble - Liza Bowling, Brianna Mooney, Jessica de Groot, Veronica Brown, Grace Chandler, Janell Daniel, Kaitlin Shook, Justin McCain, Jack Bundra, and Colin Katchmar

Catherine - Julia Wagner
Frances - Danielle Schmidt
Pearl - Kirsten Herman
Charlotte - Leah Cunningham
Tom - Nathan Good
Mr. Reed - Lorenz Iverson
Dr. Dalitsch - Sophia Skala
Ensemble - Caylee Morgan, Bethany Guthall, Leslie Johnson, Jessica Warren, Sophie Semeniuk, Maggie Southern, Kalliopi Somis, Patrick Chaney, Ben Mann, and Sam Boelens


Photos submitted by Trish Z. Denholm, English Teacher and AVID Coordinator, Hereford High School.
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