Students at Lansdowne Elementary share their teaching skills


Grade 5 students at Lansdowne Elementary recently had the opportunity to share their activities with kindergarten students.  After creating an interactive, non-linear Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow, the students were able to put their hard work to practice.   Kindergarten students worked through the activities that focused on such literacy skills as beginning/ending sounds, syllables and sentences.  Grade 5 students were paired with one or two kindergarten students, asking questions and guiding them as they completed the activities.  Kindergarten teacher, Kim Camelotto comments, “No one has ever done anything like this for us.” 

Grade 5 students were empowered as they felt that they were “teaching” the students.  Some even commented on wanting to become teachers after the experience.  Kindergarten students felt special that this activity was created just for them.

Mrs. Price, Technology Integration Teacher, comments that this was a “win-win” activity.  Both kindergarten and fifth grade students had the opportunity to experience 21st Century skills such as communication, collaboration, and creativity as they were all engaged in the task at hand.


Story and pictures submitted by Gwendolyn Gilliam-Price, Technology Integration Teacher
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