Featherbed Lane Elementary is "Speaking for the Trees!"


Featherbed Lane Elementary is "Speaking for the Trees!"  During early Spring, the entire Featherbed Lane population witnessed the delivery and installation of eight Scarlet Oak trees. The trees were a gift through the Baltimore County program to improve energy efficiency and conservation (EECBG). The program is funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act to assist in projects and programs designed to: reduce fossil fuel emissions, reduce the total energy use of the eligible entities, improve energy efficiency in transportation, building and other appropriate sectors, and create and retain jobs. Under the Energy Tree Program, approximately 1,000 trees are being planted around government buildings, community colleges, and county schools.


As a Baltimore County STEM elementary school, the students seized the opportunity to utilize the scientific method in order to determine how trees can contribute to energy efficiency.  After questioning and researching, the students learned how the Scarlet Oak trees can thrive in the living conditions around the school.  In return for being planted in a suitable habitat, the trees will offer maximum shade to the school, helping to decrease heating and cooling costs. 

The children were most intrigued that they shared something in common with the new Scarlet Oak trees…they are all in their youth.  The students have vowed to return in 50 years with their families.  At that time, they will all marvel at how their saplings from 2012 have grown larger than the building! 

Story and photos by Tiffany Livingstone, principal and Tanya Cole, office secretary
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