Edgemere Elementary School…..books, books, and more books!


Edgemere Elementary School received new library books, purchased from funds allocated from the Office of Library Information Services.

Students, like Riley A., were excited to see that books they recommended were purchased by Mrs. Bixby, the school librarian.  Riley recommended the book, The Lost Children by Carolyn Cohagan, by giving her personal copy to Mrs. Bixby to read.  Other students wrote titles on Post-It Notes and stuck them to the “Hey Mrs. Bixby- You should really read this!” board in the school library.  Some students simply asked for more books about military vehicles, the next book in The 39 Clues series and books about meerkats. Students wanted to know if “their” books had arrived to the school.


Students, who recommended and received books, were able to give book talks to their classmates to generate interest.  By suggesting books to fellow students to read, students felt a vested interest in the books being purchased for their school library. 

Another way students have started talking about books is by joining the “Edgemere Literary Club”.  Students were given an opportunity to sign up for a lunchtime book club and could choose 1 of 3 different titles to read.  Over 60 students in Grades 4 and 5 joined and, thanks to a generous PTA donation, enough copies of each book were purchased for eight children to read at a time.  Students are assigned chapters to read and then meet with Mrs. Bixby and the rest of their group members weekly (or bi-weekly) to share lunch and discuss the chapters they read.

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