Students at Catonsville High School help the people of Rwanda


Recently, members of Catonsville High School’s Students Sharing Club  gathered  in the Media Center for a Skype chat with Bradley Snyder, RN.  Students Sharing Club raised $1,000 in its latest fundraiser for the people of Rwanda.  Mr. Snyder was elated when he heard the news about the contribution.  He has been working in Rwanda and Burundi for two years and is presently with Gardens for Health International.  In addition to providing nursing care to families, Mr. Snyder educates the villagers about good nutrition and how to become agriculturally self-sufficient. 

Mr. Snyder shared, “As of now, the money will go to seeds for families, small animals like chickens and rabbits, and health education materials.  That’s 40 home gardens for families, and access to food for close to 200 people, who, without your donation, would not have access to nutritious food.  Most of our families eat one time each day; but with a home garden they can eat more with more nutritious food.”


Catonsville High School will continue its relationship with Gardens for Health International and with Mr. Snyder, who graduated from Carver Center for the Arts in 2005, and received a BSN  from George Mason University in 2009.

Story and pictures submitted by Bev Hickman, Assistant Principal
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