Hereford Middle School has baby chicks

Grade 6 student Zachary Perkins with the new baby chicks

Hereford Middle School agriscience students are the proud parents of 16 newly hatched baby chicks. 

The chicks were hatched on Tuesday, November 1, in Indiana and were shipped via the U.S. Postal Service. The baby chicks will be on display in a “nursery” for approximately two weeks and then will be moved to their permanent home in the Poultry House. 

The baby chicks are Pearl White Leghorn chickens and, in about five months, they will be laying beautiful white eggs, which will be used in the Hereford Middle School cafeteria for fresh egg salad. 

The Agriscience Department also has five adult Red Star chickens, which will begin laying eggs within the next few weeks.

Timothy Thomas, Good News Ambassador and library media specialist, Hereford Middle School. Photos courtesy of Hereford Middle School.
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