Friendship bracelets to travel from Pot Spring Elementary to orphans in Russia


In mid-June, a package of friendship bracelets made by students at Pot Spring Elementary School will be sent to Grand Rapids, Michigan…on their way to cheer children at St. Petersburg’s Crisis Center 15 and various orphanages in Russia. (Crisis Center 15 serves children ranging from infants to teens; many of whom have been abandoned, neglected, or abused.)

The entire first grade at Pot Spring, as well as some students in other grades, participated in Craft Hope’s Project 12 – a partnership with Orphan Outreach.

The project was suggested to grade 1 teacher Michelle Doyle by Kimberly Nelson, mother of student Kaden Nelson. Through the project, Pot Spring students began learning about the lives of the more than 143 million children in the world who are orphans.








Photos courtesy of Pot Spring Elementary School
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