Celebrating Social Work Month: Collaboration can make the difference!


In schools across Baltimore County, school social workers provide individual and group counseling, educational workshops for students, parents, and school staff, staff consultations, program development, diagnostic activities, and links to outside services and support.

To continually improve their effectiveness, Baltimore County Public Schools social workers take advantage of numerous professional development activities.

Earlier this year, school social workers and pupil personnel workers came together to discuss dropout prevention. During the morning session, held at St. Vincent’s Center, they met with Dana Demby and Lance Williams from the Office of Special Education to review recent trends in student dropout rates and strategies to prevent students from leaving school. A variety of factors affecting graduation rates were discussed. School social workers and pupil personnel workers formulated specific interventions that could prove to be effective in enhancing graduation rates across Baltimore County.

In January, school social workers attended a training to learn about several social skills curriculums being implemented across the school district. Social workers were trained to help students use specific skills and strategies to enhance competence, self- regulation, and problem-solving in a group setting.

In Baltimore County Public Schools, social workers facilitate student groups in the classroom and in small groups to help support student academic progress. Many social skills curriculums that social workers use with student are evidence-based programs that have proven results to increase social skills and help student resilience in the school setting.

In the photo:

Seated on the floor:  Jill Rosenthal (SSW), Dena Shuster (SSW), Suzann DaCosta (SSW)
First Row: Adrian Gill (PPW), Bernard Yates (SSW), Steve Mackert (PPW), Sharon Ochs (PPW,Coordinator); Victoria Cofield-Aber (SSW, Supervisor), Judith Schwartz (SSW), Mayaugust Finkenberg (SSW),  Jill Savage (SSW), Hilary Hellerbach (SSW), Lynne Muller (Former Coordinator School Counselors), Mary Jo Slowey (PPW), Kristina Millian (SSW)
Second Row: Nick Kutson (PPW),  Stuart Tabb (SSW),  Frank Roth (PPW), Mike Castellani (PPW), Lisa Kessler (PPW), Lesley Smith (PPW), Valerie  Youngblood (SSW), Melissa Sachs-Kohen (SSW), Neysa Younger (SSW), Nicole West (SSW), Beverly Tellis (SSW), Julia Hayman-Hamilton (SSW), Ilene Berman (SSW), Elizabeth Westendorf (SSW), Tina Soderhamn (SSW),  Sue Futeral (SSW)
Last Row: Rusty Evans (PPW), Bernard Hennigan (PPW), Isetta Melton (PPW), Alison Pardalis (SSW), Patrick Scally (SSW), Lawrence Parr (SSW), Rebecca Rock (SSW), Debbie Thissell (SSW), Karen Edmunds (PPW), Michael Freedman (SSW),Robert Bentzley (SSW), Valerie Patterson (Residency Assistant), Kathleen Hynes (PPW),Paula Davis (SSW), Patricia Mustipher (SSW)

Story by Paula S. Davis, social worker, Battle Monument School
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