Governor surprises Chadwick Elementary with a visit


Students at Chadwick Elementary School in Woodlawn have been on a campaign to help feed the state's needy, and they got support from Governor Martin O'Malley, who paid them a surprise visit earlier this month.

The day started out as a planned school assembly on hunger and what the student body could do to help. Students packed the school's cafeteria, where they shared letters they'd written to the governor in December as part of a class exercise to raise awareness about caring and citizenship.

As they read their letters aloud, the Governor surprised them by entering the room. He took several questions from the students, who, in addition to asking about ending hunger, also asked about safety, cutting taxes, education, and whether his job is complicated.


Governor O'Malley answered their questions, pointing out that Maryland offers the best public education system in America for the third year running, and telling them "the more you learn, the more you earn."

He told the Chadwick students and their principal and teachers that he'd never visited a better behaved, bright group in all his travels, finally adding, “I'm very proud of you for what you are doing to eradicate hunger.”

Governor Letter 1
Governor Letter 2

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