Pinewood Elementary embraces squids


Students at Pinewood Elementary School had a hands-on experience dissecting squid under the direction of personnel from The National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Complementing the grade 5 STEM unit on cells and systems, students learned interesting facts about this particular cephalopod. In addition to exploring various body parts, students removed the cuttlebone from the body and used it as a pen to write with the ink from the squids’ ink sacs.

The National Aquarium’s traveling outreach programs offer personal attention and close contact with aquarium animals and artifacts, while supporting the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum. The outreach program staff members provide classroom activities that prepare students for the program and facilitate reflection and discussion after the visit.


The outreach team visits about 15 Baltimore County schools each year. In addition, almost 10,000 Baltimore County students and teachers visited the aquarium during the 2009-2010 school year.

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