Make time this summer to do some math!
Click the grade level you will be entering in Fall 2017.

Set a goal of 30 minutes per day, 3 – 4 times per week to practice and maintain your math skills. Choose activities from the different categories listed below.

I. Personalized Practice

  • Ascend Flashcard Math
    • Consider practicing a different operation each week, focusing on numbers with which you need the most help.
    • Document your scores and progress so that you know what you need to practice most!

II. Fluency/Skills Practice – These target College and Career Ready standards that you learned in Algebra 1 that will help you in Geometry. Fluency is “the ability to apply procedures accurately, efficiently, and flexibly; to transfer procedures to different problems and contexts; to build or modify procedures from other procedures; and to recognize when one strategy or procedure is more appropriate to apply than another”.

III. Literacy in Mathematics - Read with a grown up, a sibling, or a friend. These resources are fun and encompass mathematics skills learned in middle school.

  • An Abundance of Katherines, John Green, available through Baltimore County Public Library
  • Math Curse, John Scieszka, available through Baltimore County Public Library
  • All of the Above, Shelley Pearsall, available through Baltimore County Public Library
  • Math Doesn’t Suck! How to survive Middle School Math Without Losing your Mind or Breaking your Nail, available through Baltimore County Public Library
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