Academics - Elementary Mathematics - PreKindergarten


  1. Welcome to School!
    Plane Shapes; Positions; Solid Shapes
  2. My Family, My Community
    Compare Sets; Numbers 1 to 5; Ordinals
  3. My Five Senses
    Patterns; Numbers 1 to 5
  4. Seasons All Around
    Ordinals; Numbers 0, 6 to 10
  5. Animals Everywhere
    Sorting; Graphing
  6. Construction Zone
    Length; Size; Patterns
  7. In the City, In the Country
    Problem Solving; Money; Weight; Capacity
  8. Let’s Move!
    Positions; Time; Numbers 0-10; Shapes; Capacity; Weight
  9. Growing and Changing
    Length; Size; Patterns; Graphing; Capacity; Weight
  10. Ready for Kindergarten!
    Patterns; Symmetry; Numbers 0-10;   Graphing; Shapes

Common Core Critical Areas

Instructional time should focus on

  • knowing number names and the count sequence;
    counting to tell and compare the number of objects; and

  • working with numbers 0-10 to gain the foundation for place value.
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