DETI5th Grade Ballroom Program Information

The 5th Grade Ballroom Program is in its tenth year in Baltimore County Public Schools.  This one week program is taught by professional dancers/teachers of ballroom dance.  The program not only teaches students about the dance forms, their origins, and provides practical experience in social/partner dance, but emphasizes dance etiquette and decorum, both valuable character education components. 

The Office of Music and Dance Education coordinates the ballroom program and schedules schools as part of the Rhythms and Dance Unit for Physical Education.

A typical week provides the following ballroom lesson progressions:DETI

Day 1 – Merengue

Day 2 – Tango

Day 3 – Swing

Day 4 – Cha-Cha

Day 5 – Family invitation and dress up performance

The cost of the program is $500 per school payable directly to the instructor (Christine Cox – higher fee due to out of state travel). Interested schools are asked to fund the program in-house.  Schools that are interested will need to look for funding sources, either in-house or through community resources such as PTA, 5th grade parent boosters, operating budgets, etc.  DETI

If you are interested in bringing the ballroom program to your school for 2016-17, contact the Office of Music and Dance Education or click on the PE Intranet link for the Ballroom interest form and submit.  Your name will be added to the ballroom wiki once you have indicated interest in the program.


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