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 All BCPS high schools have
  CTE programs.

 You may receive FREE
  college credit by successfully
  completing a CTE program.

 CTE prepares students
  for both COLLEGE and

Office of Career and Technology Education
School to Career Transition – Internship

Program Acceptance Requirements

  1. Complete and sign Internship Application.
  2. The following will be considered by the coordinator:
    • Grade level
    • Attendance
    • Grade point average
    • Success on High School Assessments
    • Service learning hours
    • Teacher recommendations
  1. Meeting with Work-Based Learning Coordinator, student, parent, and coordinator:
    • Complete and sign:
      1. Student-Parent-School Agreement
      2. Internship Agreement
      3. Workplace Learning Safety Form
      4. Work Permit
    • Verify transportation arrangements
    • Determine school schedule
  1. Students must receive instruction on the following topics prior to employment or when class begins:
    • Confidentiality at the worksite
    • BCPS Student Behavior Handbook
    • Sexual Harassment Policy
  2. Complete any other requirements as specific to the program

On-Going Requirements

All students in an Internship Program will attend scheduled courses at school, keep a log of hours worked, complete learning logs, successfully complete an internship project, and establish and maintain a portfolio. These elements help the students demonstrate and reflect upon the application of their learning in meaningful ways and foster productive employment habits.

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