STUDENT Spotlight
Rhianna Stitt, champion golfer

Student Spotlight is a regularly-updated feature that highlights Baltimore County Public Schools students involved in a wide range of activities and programs. In this Student Spotlight, Rhianna Stitt, a Grade 8 student at Sparrows Point Middle School, discusses her love of golf. (To see more student spotlights, click here.)

Student Spotlight
Rhianna Stitt, champion golfer

How old were you when you started playing golf?

I was 6 years old when I first started playing golf with my dad.

How did you start?

I started when my father and I were at the driving range practicing. He was hitting the golf balls really far, so I thought, “Wow, how far can I hit the ball?” My first swing with a golf club felt so natural. It felt like I was unstoppable and meant to play this game. Ever since, I’ve never put down my golf clubs. I felt God had given me a great gift, talent to play the game of golf.

Was it hard for you to learn?

It wasn’t hard for me to learn the game of golf because I’d always watch my dad and his friends play. I learned and gained a lot of knowledge watching them and playing with them. To this day, I’m still learning different things about the game of golf, seven years later.

Besides your dad, have you had other golf instructors or coaches?

My dad is my mainly my coach and caddie, but I also work with three other coaches. Matt Basler is my first tee coach as well as my overall coach. Jim Kardash is my swing coach, and Lawrence Moses is my golf instructor.


How often do you practice?

I try to practice every single day after school. During the summer, golf practice is nonstop, and I have back to back tournaments. During the fall and winter months, I try to focus on different aspects of my game. I attend PerformFit Sports Experience (a gym in Cockeysville). My instructor trains the Baltimore Orioles.

What are your greatest achievements as a golfer?

My greatest achievements are very numerous; the list is very long.  To name a couple would be when I won the Royal Bank of Canada Wealth Management “Shot for College.” I was awarded a $2,500 college scholarship from PGA Pro Brandt Snedeker. The award was a huge check, bigger than me. 

Also, I won the Sparrows Point Country Club Championship in the summer of 2015. I had the best overall score out of the boys and girls, playing from the ladies tees with a fantastic finish with birdie birdie on holes 8 and another. This past summer, 2015, I also won the Baltimore Junior Tour earning $500 towards college. I still hold Baltimore City’s Junior Championship, winning three years in a row.

I also have played in the World Championship for US Kids Golf. I ranked 52 in the world for my age bracket, not playing with my regular caddie. I wasn’t able to play the last day, and still ranked 52 in the world. 

Finally, I took down three summer US Kids tour championships. 

These are just a few of my greatest accomplishments. To date, I have 27 trophies and 41 medals.  Also, I was the person keeping score of the pros and walking with them down the fairway at a Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) event. 

What would you like to achieve as a golfer?

I would love to someday go to a great four-year college, playing collegiate golf.  Then get on the LPGA – hopefully achieving what every golfer dreams of doing, winning the Women’s US Open.

Is there anything you would like for people to know about golf?  Something about golf that you think might surprise them…

Not too many people realize that golf is the hardest game known to man. It has the mental aspects of playing chess and the physical aspects of playing soccer or basketball. Something that might surprise people is that watching the game of golf is actually really boring, but playing golf yourself is very hype and exciting.

What other things do you like to do?  Favorite subjects? Favorite activities?

Actually, in my free time I always volunteer at my church, Eastern Assembly of God. So, when you don’t find me on the golf course, you will find me at church. Currently, I’m trying out for Sparrows Point Middle School’s basketball team. My favorite subjects in school would have to be math and English.     


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