STUDENT Spotlight

Meet a Dumbarton Middle School one-of-a-kind teacher!

Student SpotlightBonjour! This one-of-a-kind teacher at Dumbarton is very unique in every way.

Ms. Meyer, also known as Mlle. Meyer or Coach Meyer, is dedicated to her job of being a Dumbarton Middle School French teacher. Ms. Meyer first started learning French in 8th grade and was inspired by her brother to take it, too. When she went on to high school, her French teacher inspired her to be a teacher. Ms.Meyer states that her mom always knew she was going to be a teacher, but she wasn’t sure. When she moved on to college, she studied to be a physical therapist. Later, she switched back to education.

This will be her 5th year of teaching French now. Ms. Meyer wants kids to learn a language so students can have cultural comparisons. Students should find things in common with kids who they have never met and learn about them just by speaking French.

Ms.Meyer is a very enthusiastic teacher. She enjoys playing educational interactive games such as fly swatter or reverse Pictionary.

She is not just a favorite when she is teaching, but also outside of school when tutoring or with school clubs. Currently, she is in charge of the Dumbarton Middle cheer team, student government association, and kindness committee.

She explains that working with these clubs helps her get to know kids more and connect to them. She has been coaching cheerleading since 2004, but this has been her first year as a head coach. Ms.Meyer describes herself strict, but fair with coaching. She wants the cheerleaders to improve and get better throughout the year. Her strictness and fairness pay off because the cheerleaders understand better and actually learn.

The cheerleaders and students adore Ms. Meyer.  

If Ms. Meyer could describe herself in one word, it would be “honest.” She says honesty is important because students need to trust you. Without honesty, students would never be able to trust their teachers with anything.

Ms. Meyer is a truly amazing teacher and coach at Dumbarton Middle School, and she inspires student’s every day to try their hardest with school.

Lyla Kline, Student Good News Ambassador at Dumbarton Middle School


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