STUDENT Spotlight
Lizz Redding, Vocal Magnet Student

Student Spotlight is a regularly-updated feature that highlights Baltimore County Public Schools students involved in a wide range of activities and programs. Spotlighted students receive and answer a series of questions through which they share their experiences. In this Student Spotlight, Lizz Redding, a senior at Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts discusses her involvement in vocal music. (To see more student spotlights, click here.)Student Spotlight

Why did you start singing?
I started singing because I have always been musically inclined.

When did you start singing?
I have been singing since I could speak.

How did you become part of your school’s vocal magnet program and the All-Honors Chorus?
I heard about All-Honors County Choir from my chorus teacher, Mr. Beyers. Every year, I have tried out and made it into the county-level choir.

How are the vocal magnet program and the All-Honors Chorus different from standard chorus classes?
In the vocal magnet program and the All-Honors Chorus, I am challenged every single day to reach a new level musically and set new goals for myself. In standard chorus classes, I have the opportunity to sharpen my technique.

Have you won any awards/honors for singing?
This past weekend, I attended Maryland All State Choir. For the past three years, I’ve been a part of my school’s Tri-M Music Honors Society.

What performance are you most proud of?
Last year at the spring concert, I had a scat solo in “Ray’s Rockhouse,” and I was extremely pleased with my emotional display and ability to think on the spot quickly.

What is the most rewarding part of being a singer?
Every day that I sing in the magnet is a reward for me. The most rewarding part of being a singer is realizing that you have the talent and capability to relate to any song from any culture.

What is the most challenging part of being a singer, and what advice do you have for other aspiring singers?
You become very critical of yourself and your gift. My advice to those who fall into this habit is to remember that you can sing if you like to sing, not only if someone likes what it sounds like. Do it for yourself.

Does singing relate to your career goals?
Personally, I am becoming a tattoo artist soon, so singing is not really in my career path. However, singing will be a part of my life forever. I am learning skills that I can apply to just about any part of my life.

What are your hopes for this school year?
The first day of my senior year, I promised myself that I would try my hardest and become involved in everything possible. Currently, I’m in every choir with the exception of our school’s show choir; have participated in BCPS Honors Choir, All State Choir and All Honors Jazz Choir; and I still continue to look for more opportunities to grow musically all while maintaining a 3.7 GPA.

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