STUDENT Spotlight
Kirby Sauble, Newspaper Editor

Student Spotlight is a regularly-updated feature that highlights Baltimore County Public Schools students involved in a wide range of activities and programs. Spotlighted students receive and answer a series of questions through which they share their experiences. In this Student Spotlight, Kirby Sauble, a senior at Catonsville High School, discusses her involvement in student journalism. (To see more student spotlights, click here.)

Student SpotlightWhat is the name of your school's student newspaper?
Catonsville High School's student newspaper is The Comet.

Why did you join your school's student newspaper staff?
I joined the staff because I had heard around school that it was a class that enabled you to not only relax and not stress over academics but it allowed you to further your interest in writing in a journalistic setting and write what you want and how you want. The Comet has helped me to improve my writing skills while furthering my interest in world and local topics that are prevalent in the news.

When did you join the staff?
I joined the staff during the fall of my sophomore year.

What positions have you held while on staff?
I am currently the acting editor while we work on our winter print edition.

What do you do as a member of the staff?
As a member of The Comet staff, I write two to three stories a week to be posted on our news website; control our Twitter account, where I tweet and advertise our various stories being posted; and help collect photographs of school events and create slideshows and videos with them. In addition to my everyday class duties, I am in charge of editing and piecing together our winter print edition and our spring print senior edition newspapers.

What is the most rewarding part of contributing to a student-run newspaper?
The most rewarding part of contributing to the student-run newspaper would have to be the experience that I have gained. The experiences that I have gained have helped me in numerous ways – from making new friends with each year's staff members to learning time management and control.

What is the most challenging part of contributing to a student-run newspaper?
The most challenging part of the student-run newspaper would have to be learning to control how I interact with the other staff members when we are rushing to get things in by a deadline or when we get in one of our periodic debates over current news stories and local issues.

How does your work with your school's student newspaper relate to your career goals?
I plan on going to school for athletic training and physical education, which don't seem to have much in common with a newspaper, but you'd be surprised. Working on the newspaper has increased my writing ability, increased my vocabulary and diction and has severely increased my typing and computer skills. These benefits can only help in my studies when I am required to type a term paper or type up my future lesson plans. This class was a relaxed way to improve upon my skills before I head off to college.

How is contributing to the student-run newspaper preparing you for the future?
By contributing to The Comet, I have gained various people skills through interviews and interactions with my other staff members. I am more comfortable with speaking to large groups and small groups, contributing ideas, taking criticism and working hard under a deadline and various pressures.

What are your hopes for this school year?
My hopes for this school year are to get into all my top college choices and keep my grades up where they are. It has been a tough and fun year, but I know it will all pay off in the end.

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