STUDENT Spotlight
Halli Harwood, Junior Olympics Speed Stacker
Student Spotlight is a regularly-updated feature that highlights Baltimore County Public Schools students involved in a wide range of activities and programs. Spotlighted students receive and answer a series of questions through which they share their experiences. In this Student Spotlight, Halli Harwood, a Grade 4 student at Seneca Elementary School, discusses her involvement in speed stacking.  (To see more student spotlights, click here.)

Student SpotlightWhy did you start speed stacking?
I started speed stacking when my physical education teacher, Mr. Moorefield, asked me if I wanted to join his team. At the time, he needed another student to have enough to put together a kindergarten team. Now, Seneca has over 100 stackers.

What related experience did you have when you started speed stacking?
I didn't have any experience when I started speed stacking.

How did you enter the Speed Stacking Junior Olympics?
I entered the Speed Stacking Junior Olympics when I was invited after I qualified at several tournaments, including the National Tournament, which was held here in Towson last March.

How did you practice/prepare for the competition?
I have a stacking table set up, and I practice 30 minutes every day.

Did you win any awards/honors for participating in the competition?
I won 3 gold medals (in 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and doubles), a silver medal (for team relay) as well a fourth-place finish in the cycle.

What is the most rewarding part of being a speed stacker?
It's a lot of fun, and I get to compete against people all over the world, and it's a challenging sport.
 (Editor's note: Halli was asked to be a member of Team USA for Sport Stacking last June. So at the past Junior Olympics and in future tournaments, she will be a representative of that team. She will travel to Kansas City, MO this March to participate in the National Sport Stacking Championships. She currently is the female Maryland State Record holder in all three individual events for stacking.
What is the most challenging part of being a speed stacker?
It's hard when I fumble, and it can be frustrating trying to get a fast time.

What advice do you have for other aspiring speed stackers?
My advice is to have fun, do your best, stick with it and practice.

What are your hopes for this school year?
I hope to get good grades, do my best and, for stacking, I want an 'eight' for cycle in a competition.

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