STUDENT Spotlight
Gracie Smith, SADD Activist

Student Spotlight is a regularly-updated feature that highlights Baltimore County Public Schools students involved in a wide range of activities and programs. Spotlighted students receive and answer a series of questions through which they share their experiences. In this Student Spotlight, Gracie Smith, a Grade 9 student at Sparrows Point High School, discusses her involvement in SADD – Student Against Destructive Decisions. (To see more student spotlights, click here.) Student Spotlight

What is SADD?
SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. SADD originally stood for Students Against Drunk Driving but was changed in 1997 to expand its mission to help and preserve all people whom we come in contact with.

When did you become involved with SADD?
I became involved in SADD during the 2012-2013 school year, which was Loch Raven Technical Academy’s first year for a SADD chapter. I was happy to join when our instructor, Ms. Mello, handed me the papers for it.

Why did you become involved in SADD?
I have always had a part of me that helps and zones in onto a problem or a person who needs help, and I do all I can to help and fix that problem. I viewed SADD as a needed thing for Loch Raven Technical Academy and schools all over.

Why is SADD important in your opinion?
SADD is just what it stands for—it’s made of people who are compassionate and intuitive, people who believe in self-worth and being the better person. SADD is a life-changer, and I know firsthand that SADD can turn a life around and really touch people’s hearts.

What did you do as president of Loch Raven Technical Academy’s chapter of SADD last year?
I led our SADD group with a passion. I stood in front of our entire Grade 8 class and spoke about our grim reaper act. I came to every meeting and did my best to support each idea and think of our chapter’s members. I raised more than $200 in two nights at our school play, and I also sent in donations and did my best to be next to our instructors’ sides to offer any help needed. I was our leader of support.

How are you helping to create a chapter of SADD at Sparrows Point High School?
The moment I walked into high school, I walked up to an instructor and introduced myself before asking when the first SADD meeting is. I’m currently a member, and I aim to be the president next year. So far, we have done Celebrate my Drive, sporting 2n2 shirts. “2n2” means keep two hands on the wheel and two eyes on the road.

What are your hopes for the Sparrows Point High School chapter of SADD?
My hopes are to expand and to have the Sparrows Point SADD be known; right now, we have had a maximum of 10 members, and I want to make that 30 next year, 50 the following year and so on. Also, I want to know I have touched a life and have helped someone in some way and that SADD has done its job and stopped at least one destructive decision.

What advice do you have for students who are interested in becoming involved with SADD?
My advice is to go for it! SADD is a brilliant club filled with brilliant people. Be a devoted person, someone who can stand tall with others and know that you have the power to change a life with just a little work. Also, let your colors fly and give all you can to your SADD group.

What are your goals for this school year?
My goals are to get the best grades I can and to find the place I’m comfortable so that I can get to my dream university, University of Alaska Southeast.

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