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Celebrating Our 2018 Graduating Seniors

We will be posting a new graduating senior profile each day leading up to May 25, the last day for seniors.

Tyler Jackson

Ridge Ruxton School

(Answers provided by Tyler’s classroom teacher, Lauren Svestka)

What does Tyler like most about Ridge Ruxton School?

How has Tyler grown with support from Ridge Ruxton School?

What are some of Tyler’s interests?

Is there a teacher or administrator whom Tyler is particularly close to?

Where will Shawn be going after Maiden Choice School?

Student’s first and last name:

A photo of the student (by himself or herself)

What does the student like most about Ridge Ruxton?

  • Art class,
  • being with his peers,
  • working out in the community,
  • helping with service learning projects,
  • practicing and performing with the sign language chorus.

How has the student grown with support from Ridge Ruxton School?

  • Tyler has refined his work skills and learned ways to professionally greet friends and staff.  He has always been eager to help, but over the years his work ethic and enthusiasm have only grown stronger and more sophisticated.

What are some of the student’s interests?

  • Art
  • Working (recycling around the school, planting flowers)
  • Gym/PE

Is there a teacher or administrator who the student is particularly close to?

  • Tricia Lane-Forster, his art teacher for the last 4 years

Where will the student be going after Ridge Ruxton School?

 The League for People with Disabilities

A short testimonial about the student from a Ridge Ruxton teacher or administrator (please include the teacher’s full name and title)


I first met Tyler four years ago in my art class at Ridge Ruxton School.  He is one of the most eager and enthusiastic art students I have ever taught.  The first time we met, we high fived and it was the most powerful and genuine high five I’d ever received.  His strong work ethic and eagerness to happily greet friends and teachers really makes him stand out in a positive way.

Two years ago, Tyler began working with me during a smaller independent art section in addition to his regular art class.  He was given a wide variety of tools and materials to work with.  He chose to work with scissors and colorful paper and started making collages.  Watching Tyler develop the compositions for his collages is like watching someone attentively work on a jig saw puzzle.  He thoughtfully selects each shape before gluing down.  He often paints the paper he works with first….choosing a brilliant variety of colors.  One of his collages was displayed last year at the Annual BCPS High School Juried Exhibit at Goucher College, then selected to be on exhibit at the Azrael, Franz, Schwab Lipowitz Law Firm Offices in Towson and then sold to a member of the community!

Tyler does not speak with words.  He communicates with communication devices, picture symbols, and sign language.  He’s a member of our school’s sign language chorus, distributes the school breakfasts to classrooms each morning, and helps with recycling.  He has earned 170 Service Learning Hours during his high school career at Ridge Ruxton.  He is an important member of our school’s community and Tyler is an artist.  I am so lucky to be his art teacher.

Tricia Lane-Forster

Art teacher

Service Learning Coordinator

Ridge Ruxton School

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