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Alumni Accomplishments

As one of the 25 largest school systems in the nation, Baltimore County Public Schools graduates thousands of young men and women every year who go on to make headlines and make a difference in their communities, careers, and families. The following represents just some of Baltimore Countys prominent alumni. Please revisit this page often for list updates.

Josh Abramson Josh Abramson

Co-founder of, the most popular original humor site on the Internet, and related ventures

"I really enjoyed my time at Dulaney High School, especially Mr Englar! He was just a great guy, and a great teacher. I also really enjoyed Mr. Wagner, my 11th grade history teacher. They were both better than almost all of my college professors."

Brian Balmages Brian Balmages

Publisher, producer, composer, conductor, and performer

“My wife also went to Dulaney High and is also in music (an elementary music teacher). I was always in music. I did a lot with James Paxton and composed a piece for his retirement concert. I was in the school orchestra, school band, jazz band, and marching band. My father, Fred Balmages, teaches in the county, too, and is on the technology support staff. He was at Potspring and Padonia. My whole family seems to have something to do with Baltimore County.”

Nicole Lanci Biondo Nicole Lanci Biondo

Opera singer, Baltimore Opera Company

There was a seventh grade music teacher from Ridgely Junior High, Ms. Earhart, and if it weren't for her, I probably wouldnt have the courage to do this. I would never have explored this. I used to come to school early in the morning, and she would work with me on my voice before school started. I had never seen an opera, didn't see one until we took a class trip from Dulaney High. I'm a big fan of Baltimore County schools, they offer a lot of opportunities for youth.

David Byrne David Byrne

Musician, co-founder of the group Talking Heads (1976-88), Oscar winner, film director, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Also a photographer, designer, author.

The Honorable Philip Caroom

Anne Arundel County District Judge

Dr. Sherry Cooper Dr. Sherry Cooper

Economist, monthly co-anchor on CNN's stock-market-wrap-up show, Street Sweep, makes monthly appearances on CNBC Wake-up Call and Bloomberg TV

My experience in the Baltimore County public schools system laid the foundation for a life of learning, achievement and high standards. It was competitive, demanding and extremely beneficial.

Commander Robert Curbeam Commander Robert Curbeam

Shuttle astronaut

Read more about Commander Curbeam

Peter DeMuth Peter DeMuth

Doctoral bioengineering student, MIT. Recognized as the most outstanding 2008 graduate of University of Maryland College Park
Read more about Peter DeMuth

“It seems like public high schools, like Loch Raven, offer great opportunities for students who are very driven and looking for more challenging coursework. The whole Loch Raven experience was really important for my development in math and science. I was able to take two whole years of calculus in high school. The teachers – like Mr. [Scott] Bidwell, who taught me calculus – were really excited, enthusiastic….They were great teachers, even better than some I had in college.”

Photo courtesy of University of Maryland

Cynthia Gale Cynthia Gale

Jewelry designer, principal GeoArt By Cynthia Gale, work includes developing jewelry for the Kennedy Center in DC based on their architecture and a musical line of jewelry for the upcoming anniversary of the National Symphony Orchestra

While Dulaney [High School] seems a lifetime away, there are several distinct memories which did, in fact, influence my interest in the arts and performing arts and develop my tenacity as a New York City businesswoman. Two items come to mind In my senior year at Dulaney, I was selected to play Anita in West Side Story. Bill Meyers was Dulaneys talented theatre and musical director at that time, and he taught me how to sing, dance and act for the play. It was an enriching experience which nurtured my interest in art and the performing arts I truly feel that my passion for the arts was fueled by my early theatre experience at Dulaney Additionally, I was a sports enthusiast at Dulaney. In my freshman year, I won the AAA State Championship in the 600M and placed well in several other individual and relay team events in indoor track. Miss Schmidt was my coach. The competitive and team spirit developed through participating in these hard won competitions was so important. I also played varsity lacrosse and badminton with Miss Williams. I remember both coaches well. Today I continue to run in Central Park and have begun doing The Danskin each September which is an all-womens mini-triathlon to benefit cancer survivors. My early exposure to and enjoyment of sports through Dulaney has helped me to remain focused in my work over the years. It has also helped to supply me with the energy I need to work and raise a family in New York City one of the most energetic, competitive, exhausting cities in the world!

Jeanne (Sause) Graham Jeanne (Sause) Graham

Floral designer, business owner, and author
Read more about Jeanne (Sause) Graham

“I only went to public schools for grades 7 and 8 and 11 and 12. In between I attended Catholic schools, because they were affiliated with the family church and because of their basketball programs. I was surprised when I came to public schools with how much more I learned, how much more they had in the way of resources – so, in science class, for example, we could conduct more experiments versus reading about them. I had great teachers, loved the diversity.”

Dan Keplinger Dan Keplinger

Artist, main subject/writer of 2000 Academy Award winning documentary King Gimp

At Parkville High School, my hidden language was discovered, and it was art.

Kevin Kilner Kevin Kilner

Stage, film and television actor, was on Broadway in the 50th Anniversary Broadway Production of "The Glass Menagerie" and Pulitzer Prize winning "Dinner with Friends"

Dulaney [High School] and the {Baltimore County] public school system taught me that just like life, what you GET OUT of your school depends on what you PUT INTO it, so if you are focused, are eager to learn, and do the work, you can succeed and go on to anything, anywhere in the world ... including the Broadway stage, Hollywood, and the Moon. I never, ever, thought or dreamed of those things when I went to Dulaney because they seemed ridiculously impossible, but Dulaney prepared me for both New York/Broadway and Los Angeles/Hollywood without my knowing it, and I'm sure they still do.

Jeffrey Kluger Jeffrey Kluger

Senior writer at TIME magazine, co-author of Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13, which served as the basis of the "Apollo 13" movie, also a licensed attorney

"Certainly, my teachers had an enormous influence on me, particularly Pikesville's Sybil Swindell, who used American history not only as a way to educate and entertain, but as a tool to help discipline the 17-year-old brain. Equally important was my involvement in the Baltimore County Regional Association of Student Councils. The thrice-yearly meetings of the BCRASC were nothing short of political conventions for those of us bitten by the electoral bug. Debate, discourse and compromise are not insignificant skills, and the county student council experience helped me learn them."

Maysa Leak Maysa Leak

World-renowned jazz singer and recording artist

My experience at Milford Mill [High School] was one that I will hold dear to my heart. At Milford Mill, I started my life as a singer and was able to begin my training with my choir and music teacher, Mr. Mack.

Jill Masterman Jill Masterman

Supervisor of Athletics, Baltimore County Public Schools

Baltimore County Public Schools provided the opportunity for me to become a well-rounded student through a comprehensive academic curriculum complemented by a broad spectrum of extracurricular activities I daresay that without the extras, I might not have been as focused and motivated as a student. That same focus, motivation, and competitiveness have been a foundation upon which I have built my current 26-year career in the Baltimore County Public Schools as a teacher, coach, and now administrator.

Stephanie Monroe Stephanie Monroe

Assistant Secretary, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education
Read more about Stephanie Monroe

"I graduated from Randallstown High in 1976, the bicentennial of our nation's birth. It was therefore both fitting and appropriate that I would venture into politics. This was not a surprise; in fact, it was in large part due to many experiences and opportunities afforded me while a student in Baltimore County Public Schools. As student government president, class president, and a (sometimes unwilling) participant in the musical and theatrical arts, I learned to argue, plead, debate, and if all else fails ‘sing’ until someone listens. I was always encouraged to go further and received the kind of personal support from friends, family, and teachers that let me know if I fell someone would be there to pick me up, dust me off, and put me back on track. Thanks to all who made such a memorable and lasting impression on my life."

Jennifer Oswald Jennifer Oswald

Pre-med student, Princeton University, former president, Baltimore County Student Councils, former member, Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board
Read more about Jennifer Oswald

“[George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology] gave me a lot of experience and tools I needed to become a leader. It’s a great community with a very unique atmosphere. Everyone was passionate about what they were working on, which is very much how college is. The things that take up my time are different now, but, being so busy in high school helped me learn to manage everything.”

Michael Phelps Michael Phelps

Champion swimmer, holds record for winning the most Olympic gold medals in history (14). Holds record for most gold medals in a single Olympics (eight at the 2008 Beijing games). Winner of 54 career medals in major international competitions. Named World Swimmer of the Year, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008, American Swimmer of the Year 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008, and Sports Illustrated magazine’s Sportsman of the Year in 2008.

James F. Pitts James F. Pitts

Corporate Vice President & President, Electronic Systems, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Read more about James F. Pitts

“I look back to my years at Kenwood High School with fond memories. I was a scholar-athlete, which enabled me to go to The Johns Hopkins University, get a degree in engineering and play football, lacrosse, and baseball. I met my wife of 36 years in English class at Kenwood, have three wonderful children, and two grand children. Overall, the stage for my success goes back to my years at Kenwood, the teachers, the coaches, and the learning environment they created.”

Marc Platt Marc Platt

Producer of Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde; produced Broadway musical Wicked; former president of production for Orion Pictures; former president of Tristar Pictures; former president of production for Universal Pictures

"There is no question that my experience in Pikesville High's choir and drama productions as both an actor and director had a tremendous impact on my choice to pursue a career in entertainment...High school provides wonderful opportunities to explore different career avenues long before you have to make serious decisions about them. And the experiences alone are invaluable in and of themselves."

Mike Rowe Mike Rowe

Host of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs
Read more about Mike Rowe

“A successful career in broadcasting depends largely upon an understanding of how regular people work and function in the real world. I think, in this way, a public education was more valuable than a private one and certainly more relevant to what I do for a living today. As for college, it's still tough to beat a broad-based liberal arts education, and I'm grateful to have had one. It might not guarantee any one thing in particular, but it's helped me immeasurably in sounding smarter than I actually am.”

Brandon Terry Brandon Terry

Recipient of prestigious Michael Von Clemm Fellowship to study political philosophy at the University of Oxford, magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University, president of the Harvard Black Men’s Forum, a founder of Unite Against AIDS, and columnist for The Harvard Crimson.
Read more about Brandon Terry

"I was a student in Baltimore County Public Schools from the first grade until my graduation from high school. I attended Randallstown Elementary, Deer Park Middle, and Western School of Environmental Science and Technology. I consider my overall experience in the school system to be a positive one full of inspirational moments and people. I have had teachers that challenged me to think critically, stay humble, and serve others. I have had mentors that have pushed me to take on leadership roles and pursue new experiences. And just as importantly, I have forged the lifelong friendships that provide the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual sustenance that makes a life worthwhile. As I have moved on to some of the most intense intellectual environments around the globe, I have never found myself lacking or wanting in the tools necessary to succeed and I think BCPS and the teachers, counselors, administrators, and faculty that guided me through my youth had a tremendous part to play in that."

Dr. Thomas Jones Dr. Thomas Jones

Shuttle astronaut
Read more about Dr. Jones

Bob Turk Bob Turk

Weathercaster and local media personality

I attended Milford Mill Senior High School, the same school where my father taught! It was a time for discovery and learning and formulating ones thoughts about the government, the nation, and the world. It was also a time of great social change and upheaval and the rebellion that followed. I enjoyed my time at >Milford and took the skills I learned with me into my college experience.

Ricky Van Veen Ricky Van Veen

Co-founder of, the most popular original humor site on the Internet, and related ventures

"I graduated from Dulaney High in 1999. My freshman year of college at Wake Forest University, I started a website called with my friend Josh Abramson (at University of Richmond), who also attended Dulaney. The site gained popularity quickly and eventually became the most popular original humor site on the Internet. Its following of millions of people around the world has led us to other related ventures such as CollegeHumor branded books, television shows, and movies. We also manufacture items like t-shirts and novelties which we can then market on the site. None of that would have been possible without the education I got at Dulaney or the good people I met there. It was teachers like Jim Selway (Physics) and Richard Englar (Social Studies) that taught me early on that you could do things a little differently from the rest of the group and still succeed, which is the basic foundation of the entrepreneurial spirit."

Bert Vogelstein, M.D. Bert Vogelstein, M.D.

Read more about Bert Vogelstein, M.D.

World-renowned oncologist; developed genetic tests, screening diagnostics, and targeted therapies for colon and other cancers; discovered the P53 gene as the most common gene mutation among all cancers; acknowledged numerous times as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in medicine

"One of my most memorable experiences at Pikesville High was being responsible for the audio- visual equipment. This afforded me an opportunity to, not only get out of class, but to learn about the equipment and communicate with teachers in a more personal way. Today, one of the most fun aspects of my work is designing and playing with my "toys" (equipment). The encouragement, support and tips on life I received from the teachers as I set up or dissembled the AV equipment helped shape who I am today."

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