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Baltimore County Public Schools supports home schooling in accordance with the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 13A.10.01. The mission of the Home Schooling Office is to promote quality education for K-12 Home Schooled students.

Important: Upon our receipt of the Home Schooling Notification Form, there is a fifteen (15) day waiting period prior to the start of the Home School Program (COMAR

Note: Students who are home schooled through Grade 12 do not receive a diploma from Baltimore County Public Schools. Diplomas can be awarded through accredited correspondence courses/schools or by the student passing the GED.

Any questions you might have regarding nonpublic entities/umbrellas registered and approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) to supervise home instruction may be directed to Ms. Denise Scott at MSDE, 410-767-0407, or visit their Web site at http://www.marylandpublicschools.org/MSDE/. A list of the nonpublic entities/umbrellas can be found at Nonpublic Entities/Umbrellas

Parents frequently request information regarding the curriculum and how to construct a home schooling program for their child/children. Visit http://mdk12.org/instruction/curriculum/index.html to view the Maryland State Curriculum. Please be advised that as a home schooling parent you can receive a Teacher Loan library card. You must provide the most recent home schooling letter from this office to our county library.


OPTION 4B – Correspondence courses under the supervision of a nonpublic entity nonpublicschoolsdb.marylandpublicschools.org..

    1. Read and comply with the regulations regarding Home Schooling (COMAR 13A.10.01).
    2. Complete and return the Home Schooling Notification Form to the office as indicated at least 15 days prior to beginning Home Schooling.
    3. Provide written notification to the office of any changes in status.
    4. Submit the Annual Verification Form every school year. (optional)

OPTION 4A – Home Schooling under the supervision of the Baltimore County Public Schools.

    1. See 1, 2, & 3 as explained above.
    2. Maintain a portfolio for each child being Home Schooled.
      1. Preparing the Portfolio
      2. Sample Portfolio Review Sheet
      3. Home Schooling Profile (optional)
    3. Complete a Home Schooling Profile when preparing for the review meeting.
    4. Attend review meetings.
      1. Directions to the Portfolio Review Sites
      2. 2014-15 Portfolio Review Schedule
      3. Your family will be meeting with BCPS’ Home Schooling Specialist who is responsible for reviewing your child’s/children’s instructional program.
      4. The Home Schooling Specialist will contact you to arrange each review.
      5. Student portfolios for each child being Home Schooled must be brought to the review.
      6. Students are welcome to accompany the parent/guardian to the review meetings.
    5. Submit the Annual Verification Form every school year.

Immediate written notification to the attention of BCPS’ Home Schooling Specialist is required under the following circumstances:

  1. If additional children in the family are going to be Home Schooled
  2. If a student withdraws from Home Schooling to enroll in a public or nonpublic school, either for the completion of the current school year or the beginning of the next school year
  3. If a student completes the year of high school graduation or reaches the age of 16 and withdraws from Home Schooling
  4. If the parent/guardian wishes to change from Option 4A to Option 4B, or from Option 4B to Option 4A on the Home Schooling Notification Form. This action requires completion of a new Home Schooling Notification Form.
  5. If the family wishes to change its decision regarding participation in standardized testing
  6. If the student no longer resides in Baltimore County

Please contact the Home Schooling Specialist if there is any change in the student’s address and/or phone number within Baltimore County to ensure proper communication.

The following additional information is provided for BCPS families who are home schooling their students:

Maryland State Curriculum
Office of Health Education (BCPS)
Suggested Time Allotments for Art, Music, and Physical Education

GED classes for 16-21 year olds (CCBC)
GED Information (Maryland)
Magnet Programs (BCPS)
Educational Options (BCPS)
Parent Resource Centers (BCPS)
Parent Support Services (BCPS)


Notice of Services
Child Find

Accountability, Research and Assessment
Common Questions
Parent Resources
Testing Calendar

Kimberly O'Connor
Home Schooling Specialist
Baltimore County Public Schools
Jefferson Bldg., Lower Level
105. W. Chesapeake Avenue Towson, MD 21204
fax: 410-296-0148
Tracey Randall
Baltimore County Public Schools
Jefferson Bldg., Lower Level
105 W. Chesapeake Avenue Towson, MD 21204
fax: 410-296-0148

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