Project Ideas

Physical Science Projects

  • Is there a relationship between the size and strength of a magnet?

  • Which boat shape can support the most weight?

  • How does the temperature affect the bounce height of a ball?

  • Does color affect the rate at which an ice cube melts?

  • Do all liquids freeze at the same rate?

  • Does iron rust faster in salt water or fresh water?

  • Does temperature have an effect on solubility?

  • Does an ice cube melt faster in air or water?

  • Do all objects fall to the ground at the same speed?

  • Does the width of a rubber band affect how far it will stretch?

  • Do sugar crystals grow faster in tap water or distilled water?

  • Do different watt light bulbs produce different amounts of heat?

  • Which type of container keeps liquids hotter for more time?  

Life Science Projects

  • Do vitamins or fertilizers affect the growth of plants?

  • Does temperature affect the growth of seeds or plants?

  • What kinds of materials decompose (rot) faster when buried?

  • Will bananas brown faster on the counter or in the refrigerator?

  • Does sugar prolong the life of cut flowers?

  • Which household fertilizer works best?

  • Can plants grow without soil?

  • Does the color of light affect plant growth?

  • Do ants like cheese or sugar better?

  • Does the color of water have an effect on the life cycle of a mosquito?

Earth Science Projects

  • How accurate are local weather forecasters?

  • Does the drop height of an object affect the size of the crater it will make?

  • Are there differences in temperature in shaded vs. non-shaded areas during the day and night?

  • Are there differences in shadow length during the day?

  • Do different types of soils have different percolation rates?

  • Do weather conditions affect the reception of satellite TV?

  • What effect does freezing or boiling have on rocks?

  • Do different wind speeds form different sizes and shapes of sand dunes?

  • How well does charcoal filter water?

  • How does the size of the ice cube affect its melting time?


Chemistry Science Projects

  • Does the amount of fat in butter/margarine affect the time it takes to melt?

  • What kind of juice cleans pennies best?

  • Do foods containing preservatives really stay fresh longer than foods without them?

  • Are all potato chips equally "greasy"?

  • Can you use a household water filter to remove flavor or color from other liquids?

  • Which dish detergent breaks up oil the best?

  • How does salt affect the boiling point of water?

  • How does salt affect the freezing point of water?

  • Does color affect a paper towel’s absorbency?

  • Do dissolved materials, such as salt, in water affect the absorbency of a paper towel?

  • Do substances other than salt melt ice?

Consumer Science Projects

  • What type of adhesive is the strongest?

  • What material used for clothing or raincoats is most water-resistant?

  • Does the amount of air space in a container affect food spoilage?

  • What brand of toothpaste is the most abrasive?

  • Which type of cheese grows mold the fastest?

  • Which brand of diaper holds the most water?

  • What type of cleaner removes ink stains best?

  • Which brand of plastic trash bag is the strongest?

  • Which brand of cat litter absorbs the most?

  • Which brand of battery lasts the longest?

Sites to Help You Pick a Topic:

The Science Buddies’ site has a wizard to help you pick a topic.

The Cybermission website has a tool to help generate ideas for science and technology projects.

The All Science Fair Projects’ site has tons of ideas for sample topics.