Office of Staffing
Temporary Services - FAQ’s for Additional Assistants, Kindergarten Assistants/Paid Helpers, and Lunchroom Assistants 
  1. What are the duties and responsibilities of each position?
    • Additional Assistants
      Under the direct supervision of the special educator, who is the case manager for students with Individual Education Programs, assists special and general educators by providing support and assistance to individual students with moderate to severe disabilities to meet requirements necessary for participation in the school environment. Performs other duties as required. Additional Assistants can be assigned to 1-3 students. A full work day is 7 hours which includes a 30 minute mandatory non paid duty free lunch.
    • Lunchroom Assistants
      Assists in maintaining an orderly, safe and pleasant atmosphere in the cafeteria, on the playground, and in other designated locations by helping and supervising students at mealtime and at playtime in accordance with Board policy and established district procedures.  The school administrators establish the hours for this position.
    • Kindergarten Assistant and Paid Helpers
      Under the direction of the classroom teacher, supports children as they apply, practice, and extend early literacy skills. Kindergarten assistants also assist with classroom organizational tasks and preparation of materials.  The school administrators establish the hours for this position.

  2. How do I apply for a position within Baltimore County Public Schools?
  3. Do I have to get fingerprinted?
    • All positions within BCPS require applicants to be fingerprinted.  Once you have applied and are selected for a position, the school will complete a recommendation to hire form and forward that to the Office of Temporary Services.  Following the receipt of the recommendation, the position will be verified, an offer letter will be sent to you.  After the offer is accepted, the applicant will then receive the E-verify email with instructions to complete four (4) tasks online prior to scheduling the fingerprinting appointment.  The cost for fingerprinting is currently $67.75 and can only be scheduled at the BCPS’ Office of Fingerprinting, 6901 Charles Street, Building E, Towson, MD  21204.

  4. What is the pay rate?
  5. Are these positions 10 or 12 month positions?
    • These positions are 10 month at-will temporary non-benefitted positions. See question 6 for summer employment information.

  6. Are summer positions available?
    • Summer employment opportunities are available for 10-month substitute and temporary employees.  Please visit to view the summer employment opportunities in January.  

  7. Attendance Policy
    • Inclement Weather Day/ Early Dismissal
      Listen to local media stations, download BCPSNow App, or check the BCPS web site for delayed openings, early dismissals, or school closings during inclement weather.
    • Unable to report to work?
      Contact your schools administrator as soon as possible (preferably before the start of the school day) to inform them of your absence so that they can provide coverage for the absence.

  8. What is the dress code?
    • Dress professionally and appropriately for the assignment. Jeans, t-shirts, sandals, and other casual clothing are not considered professional or appropriate attire for classroom settings. Wear comfortable shoes and plan to be on your feet all day monitoring, assisting and providing positive reinforcement to keep students on task.

  9. Are transfers to another school/position possible?
    • Yes, transfers are possible. The employee must give the current school administrator adequate notice that they would like to request a transfer to another school. The school that they wish to be transferred to will have to notify and receive approval from the Office of Temporary Service

  10.  Do I receive a BCPS email address and badge?
    • Upon request from a school administrator, emails and badges can be provided to temporary employees.



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